Code locks is one of the new features introduced in Hitman 3. While you can access the locked location itself using alternate ways, finding the correct code is still the fastest. In this guide, we would list out all the Keypad, Door Codes, and Safe Combinations available in the game to save your time - you can still try to find them normally, of course.

1 - Dubai

With the map being a high-tech tower, there are quite a few locked doors and safes blocking your way from getting to the objectives. Luckily, a lot of them are repeated codes.

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  1. Staff Meeting Room Door Code: 4706
  2. Atrium Door Code: 4706
  3. Level 2 Security Office Safe Combination: 6927
  4. Level 3 Security Office Safe Combination: 6927
  5. Penthouse Guest Room Safe Combination: 7465

2 - Dartmoor

If you do the Dartmoor Mission by disguising as the Detective and solve the case, you would be able to ask Alexa to give the item to you yourself, bypassing the code. However, if you choose to kill her using other methods, you need to sneak into her office and open the safe yourself.

How To Solve Dartmoor Safe Code Puzzle Hitman 3 Fe

The Combination of the safe is 1975, which can be discovered normally by looking around the room.

3 - Berlin

Berlin has only one safe that you can find and access. It is on Level 2 of the biker area, inside Rolf Hirschmuller's office. The password is 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell. You would find out about the code by listening to the tech staffer talking outside the room.

4 - Chongqing

There are a lot of locked doors on the map, however, there are only 2 possible codes to use on them: 0118 and 2552. You can find out the 0118 code by listening to the girl taking on the phone outside of the secret ICA facility entrance.

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  1. Container Door Code To ICA Facility Entrance: 0118
  2. ICA Apartment Door Code: 0118
  3. Laundromat Door Code: 0118
  4. Benchmark Lab Staircase Door Code: 2552
  5. Therapy Room Door Code: 2552
  6. Arcade Door Code: 2552

5 - Mendoza

These codes are needed for two of the more flashy assassination challenges on the map. The first one is involved with the To Loyalty Challenge... while the second one is related to the Domestic Disturbance challenge.

  • Wine Fridge Vault Code: 1945
  • Villa Basement Door Code: 2006

6 - Carpathian Mountains

The code of the keypad is pretty obvious - it is right on the left of the lock, on the poster. The Solution is 1979.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Silent Assassin 1200

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