In team games, it’s usually very hard to win the game on your own 1 vs 9 with your team’s sabotage. However, Apex Legends is different.

Most players would prefer a full party of people they actually know over some strangers on the internet, and that can’t always be done. Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale title has opened up a lot of ways to win without relying on your teammates.

This guide will tell you what to do to maximize your winning chances while having to carry the load from your teammates.

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How to deal with your teammates

Make use of the ping system

The revolutionary ping system in Apex is great for communicating with your team and giving them directions. This would work wonders in games – sometimes you don’t even need a mic! Tap the ping button once to target an area or items, twice to alert your team about an enemy you just saw.

Try to use the ping system as much as possible – they are something that could surpass the language barrier which appears very frequently on the internet. Your mates might not be able to hear you, but they can’t miss those constant pings on the mini-map.

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Be nice to your teammates

Share what you could

Try to give your teammates subtle tips. For example, if they are running around with a bad gun like Mozambique, ping a different weapon for them when you see one. Only if you have completed your loadout, of course.

The same thing applies to armors, helmets, healing items and utility. If you have your sides covered, you might want to give some handout to your newb teammates who might not even have armor equipped. Fighting at a number disadvantage is never fun – if your mates are without sufficient items or weapons, they might as well not be there.

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Don’t be selfish

Even if you are one of the best players in the world, the number advantage is not something that could be overcome easily. Bad teammates are still better than no teammates at all.

Try to show your team that you actually care a little about them, like making an effort to revive a downed teammate. You can always use one more living shield in the final fight. Having one more teammate would be a world of difference in distracting the enemy so that you could deal them the final blow.

Keeping this in mind, remember not to be completely selfish when playing with random teammates. If one of your teammates gets downed, at least make an effort to revive them. You’ll always be in a better position to win if you go into the final fight with two teammates instead of none.

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Try to stick as a team

However, do not try too hard to revive your mates without checking out the situation first. For example, their tag could be lying in front of the full enemy team, making rescue impossible. But if you can have your teammate revived easily without risks to yourself, don’t be selfish – pick up their banner and get to the nearest revive beacon. Good karma is better than no karma and they might even pay you back in the future – who knows?

The trick is to focus on whatever you can control. You can’t make your teammates do anything or instruct them on every little thing – but you can control what type of person you are.

When dealing with the random new player in your team – don’t be discouraged. It might be hard, but newer players might be better at following your orders. Do everything in your power to help them learn the game for the sake of both of you. Also, carrying some total noob to their first apex win is actually not a bad feeling.