We have seen the battle royale game Apex Legends getting into its peak, but it is falling down the cliff now. After the unsuccessful first season and first battle pass of the game, a lot of players have left this title, leaving a huge reduction of revenue for this game. Respawn Entertainment has not abandoned its game, and the new season two of the game has just been released. But this game is still facing a lot of problems.

Season two of Apex Legends introduces the new ranked system for players of the game. This feature is expected to bring back the former players of the game, as well as keep the current players of Apex Legends keep playing the game. But skillful players in the high rank of the game is complaining a new thing: cheaters are all over the high elo rank of the game. The number of cheaters is so huge that some Apex Legends gamers even create more than one videos to talk about it.

The above video has pointed out how terrible hacking and cheating are in Apex Legends. This video has been posted just a few days after Apex Legends number one Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek got sprayed down to the ground by a cheater.

The situation is so bad that a lot of players of the game have proposed solutions for Respawn Entertainment to tackle the problem more thoroughly. Some suggested solutions include requiring phone authentication for access to the ranked system, being at least level 100 (instead of level 10) for the access to ranked mode, as well as hiring more people to find hackers and cheaters in high ranked streams.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the number of banned accounted due to hacking and cheating actions many times, but the situation has not improved much. If Respawn Entertainment does not do more soon, Apex Legends will become Chernobyl soon – a dead land.

A lot more negative players need to see this screen