Recently after the Season Two update for Apex Legends, we had a chance to have a peek on what’s the new Battle Pass has to offer. Without question, Apex Legends: Season Two Battle Pass is much better than the Season One. Generally, it offers more skins, better loots, crafting materials alongside awesome emotes.

Apex Legends Season 2
Apex Legends Season 2 is now live with a brand-new Battle Pass.

New season, new challenges, new rewards

For your information, we now have daily and weekly challenges. This is a source for players to earn some extra experience to level up faster than simply grinding in the game. To keep the challenge system interesting, challenges can be in a variety of types. They range from general ones like getting a specific number of headshots or using a legend’s specific ability, from dealing damage with a certain type of guns to dealing damage in a specific location. Especially, players who miss out a weekly challenge can backtrack to finish it later, similar to Fortnite.

Let's take a look at the new Battle Pass trailer for Apex Legends: Season Two.

You can now purchase Battle Pass with this Season 02

Legendary skins coming up

A new legendary skin is going to be awarded to the player right after the purchase of Season 2 Battle Pass. That legendary “Intimidator” skin is for the Spitfire. At the same time, R-301 is getting a new “Iron Rampage” skin. To acquire this, you must level up your Battle Pass simply by playing the game.

Apex Legends season 2
R-301 new “Iron Rampage” legendary skin.

Speaking of legendary, Caustic and Octane will also receive their own new legendary skins, unlockable through leveling up the Pass.

Apex Legends season 2
How do you like Octane's new legendary skin?

Furthermore, there are three new categories of customization into the game. From now on, players can choose their favorite music packs, loading screens and skydive emotes.

After all, this is a huge step forward for Respawn Entertainment to step up from a disappointing Season One. Respawn clearly listened to the players and we hope they will continue to do so in the future. As Twitch prime content is coming soon, Apex Legends has shown that it’s not a one-hit wonder title but a real deal now!