A bug-riddled game

Apex Legends' players are constantly discovering new critical bugs in their favorite title.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends - A squad-based Battle Royale shooter by EA.

We've seen an audio bug caused players to be unable to detect nearby opponents. Another bug would prevent Octane mains from shooting with his Stim ability. Lots of Apex Legends admirers found these examples unforgettable. Respawn Entertainment seemed not to care much about resolving their own problems.

Recently, GameTuts has revealed another bug of Apex Legends in his new YouTube video.

Apex Legends - New Launch Glitch Tutorial! VERY EASY - Fly across the Map in Seconds!

The well-known streamer said that he was purposely finding new glitches while spending his time in the training mode. According to his team, they found out a respawn beacon bug which is also applicable in the real matches.

You can fly

This glitch may seem familiar for players who had experience with the supply bin bug. With a simple touch on the respawn beacon, players will be able to fly willingly to any destination in the map using the respawn beacons.

Respawn Allies In Apex Legends
Respawn Beacons are useful in Apex Legends.

As you can see in the video, players can completely get out of the map, hovering over the sea, and even kill themselves by soaring into the endless sky. The bright side is, they could have a great view of Leviathans before they die.

Apex Legends1
At least you can clearly see these towering creatures.

Apex Legends fans are wondering if Respawn Entertainment could be able to fix this glitch before Season 2 comes out.

Season 2 of Apex Legends will begin on July 2. Legend Wattson will be introduced to the fans on the same day. Apex Legends community and has been paying good attention to the upcoming legend.

However, with many glitches that could be exploited and abused at the moment, it seems that Apex Legends fans are having more concern about the game's security than about new contents.