Hacking and cheating issue is very severe now in Apex Legends. Not only does it gives other players utter disappointment but it also ruins the game's growing potentials.

That's why Respawn is very serious about this problem. It has banned over 770,000 in May, and this time, Respawn and EA is introducing its new method on dealing with it: match-making them with other cheaters!

Apex Legends facing major hack/cheat issue

Apex Legends is a new battle royale title that comes out this February. Although the game is just a newcomer, it has gained a lot of attention from players in its first month. However, the developer has failed to keep this success and Apex Legends' popularity keeps falling since.

Apex Legends Deals With Hacks By Match Making Them
Apex Legends is falling down on popularity

One reason behind this trend is due to the game's lack of updates and new features. However, the biggest factors that are contributing to this decline is the hack/cheat issue.

And the developer has a clear sight on this problem. To deal with it, Respawn and EA has reported that they've banned over 770,000 of cheater back in May, and it's still continuing to do so. However, the case doesn't seem deterrent enough, as the cheating problems continues to ruin the game.

Apex Legends Deals With Hacks By Match Making Them
Cheaters are ruining Apex Legends

And the worst scenario has come to its first official tournaments. FACEIT Pro series: Apex Legends is the title's first tournament ever, with the prize pool of $50,000. However, SKT T1 - one of the teams that joined this tournament - has left with a disappointing statement: they've encountered players that use aimbot.

Cheating in regular ranked matches is very common in online games. But letting cheating players join an official tournament is definitely not acceptible!

No wonders players are leaving the corrupted Apex Legends!

And it's introducing a tough method to deal with this problem

Noticing that its previous efforts were very far from enough to stop this scenario, Respawn and EA has stepped up for tougher methods. This morning, they've announced that beside continue developing the current auto-ban system to kick out cheaters, they're working on new mechanics as well.

Apex Legends Deals With Hacks By Match Making Them
Respawn introduced new anti-cheat methods

To be more specific, Respawn has confirmed that they've been deploying a new AI. It will automatically detect and ban spam accounts before they are created.

Furthermore, it also learns the teaming up behavior between a cheating user and other users that are not using cheats. The system will regard this action as cheating as well, and you can't rely on partying up with cheaters to climb.

Apex Legends Deals With Hacks By Match Making Them
You'll have to rely on your own skills (you should, anyway!)

However, the most fascinating resolutions from Respawn is that they will group those players using cheat together in a match! Using aimbot with others also using aimbot - it's not so fun anymore, right! This matchmaking system will make less dedicated cheaters to rethink their decision, at least!

The fight is on!

The developer didn't describe how they are working with the anti-cheat system in detail. That's a reasonable move to avoid giving those cheat developers the heads-up.

However, they will somehow find a way to bypass the new AI technique sooner or later. Nevertheless, it's still a firm step from Respawn, as it considers this as an ever-evolving battle.

And it's not letting its successful game die like this. At least at this moment!