Respawn has recently posted on Reddit a development update. In the post, they confirmed to have put down as many as 770,000 PC cheating accounts in Apex Legends. This has been their hard work to take down cheaters since the official release of the game in February.

Apex Legends - Respawn
Apex Legends has been a huge battle royale hit since its release in February.

Cheaters/spammers out!

Respawn also banned an additional 300,000 accounts for either spamming or cheating. Some of them were associated with cheat selling as well. Thanks to their effort, we don’t see matches with cheaters/spammers that often anymore. Particularly, the number reduced to half in April only.

Respawn and EA have been working hard with each other to deal with this issue. Also, a few more developers did help cracking down cheaters as well. They are EA DICE, EA Capital Games as well as the FIFA team in EA Vancouver.

In the Reddit post, the official also mentioned future upcoming updates to fully implement the bans. Previously, Respawn has done quite a decent job to take down cheaters:

  • They introduced a new in-game reporting tool to discover new cheats
  • Banned 770,000 accounts
  • Blocked 300,000 account creations, 4,000 among them are cheat seller accounts

The message from Respawn Entertainment

The company also shared that they won’t be giving any more details on the methods of countering cheaters. However, they are attacking them in every angle possible. Improvements will arrive, updates will come and new tools will be available in the future. Respawn takes cheating in Apex Legends extremely serious and they have enough resources to tackle the issue to the roots.

At the end of the post, they announced another update at some point next week. Currently, Respawn is dealing with a bug that didn’t allow players to hear close footsteps audio. If you encounter the same problem, try posting the problem here with the video to illustrate it. That will ensure Respawn to fix the problem and the company really appreciates your big help.