Treasure hunting is always super exciting, even in Minecraft world. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a master, finding a buried treasure in Minecraft is always a fun experience. In this article, Gurugamer will show you the best ways to find buried treasure in Minecraft.

All about Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Buried treasure is generated naturally in Minecraft. It can be found buried mostly on beaches, rarely on the ocean floor. You can only find the heart of the sea, a material to make a conduit, in buried treasure. Buried treasure is almost always buried by some materials, often sand and gravel blocks. Sometimes, if they spawn underwater next to a hill, there will be stone blocks covering it.

The buried treasure contains all kinds of loot. These loot will be waterlogged if they are exposed to water.

How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Finding buried treasure in Minecraft is actually not hard if you know the method. The best way to find a buried treasure chest in Minecraft is by using a treasure map. A treasure map will pinpoint the exact location of a treasure chest for you and the only thing you have to do is follow the map and dig.

1. Prepare Your Gear

Before embarking on your treasure hunt, make sure you're well-prepared. Stock up on essential items:

  • Shovel: The shovel most crucial tool for digging up buried treasure.
  • Food: Ensure you have enough to keep your hunger bar full.
  • Underwater Breathing Potions: If you plan to search underwater, these are a lifesaver.
  • Torches: Illuminate dark underwater caves and tunnels.

2. Locate a Shipwreck or Ocean Ruin to find a treasure map

The treasure map in Minecraft can often be found near shipwrecks or ocean ruins. These structures are commonly found in ocean biomes. Explore coastlines, underwater caves, and deep ocean areas to locate these structures. Once you find one, you're on the right track.

The easiest way to find these locations is by feeding a dolphin some Salmon and Cod. After you feed the dolphin, it will lead you to the Ocean biome, where you can find a Shipwreck or Ocean Ruin.

You will 100% find a treasure map in the map chest in a Shipwreck so we recommend going for it instead of Ocean Ruin.

3. Check Your Treasure Map

Now, open your treasure map and find a big red X mark on the map. If your location is not near the buried treasure, the map will show a zoomed-out version so you can see both your current location and the location of the buried treasure. You need to keep moving until your current location is right on top of the big red X mark.

Buried Treasure Map
Look for the big red X mark on the treasure map.

4. Use Your Shovel

To uncover buried treasure, you'll need your trusty shovel. The treasure chest is typically buried in the sand or gravel near the shipwreck or ruin. Start digging in the vicinity, focusing on areas where the sand texture appears different, indicating the presence of the chest.

Featured Image Minecraft How To Find Buried Treasu
Start digging until you find the buried treasure chest.

5. Open the buried chest

Once you reach the chest, open it and drag everything in the chest into your inventory. Buried treasure chests often contain valuable items such as emeralds, enchanted books, heart of the sea, and more.

How to find buried treasure Minecraft using coordinates

You can always find a buried chest at chunk coordinates 9 ~ 9 at the location of the red X mark. After you have reached the big red X mark on the map, hit F3+G to see the chunk coordinates. Move until your current chunk coordinate is at 9 ~ 9. The buried treasure is now right below you. Start digging straight down and you will soon find a buried treasure.

Find Buried Treasure Easy Top Tricks For Finding T
Look at the chunk coordinate to locate the exact block above the buried treasure.

How To Find Treasure Without A Map

Without a treasure map, you can still find a buried treasure but it will take a lot of time for you to find a buried treasure unless you use cheat codes. If that is alright with you then here is how you can do it.

1. Enable cheat

In order to enable cheat in your Minecraft world, open the game menu and select "Open to LAN". In there, you can choose to "Allow Cheat". If the world is multiplayer, then you need administrator privilege to enable cheat.

Allow Cheats In Minecraft
You need to allow cheat in the settings before entering cheat codes.

2. Enter buried treasure cheat code

Open chat and type"/locate structure buried treasure". The game will notify you of the exact coordinates of the nearest buried treasure. All you have to do now is go to that coordinate and start digging.

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