Diamond is a rare mineral obtained from diamond ore or loot chests. Players can use them to craft high-tier tools and armour, enchanting tables, blocks of diamond, and jukeboxes. In the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update, the spawn level for Diamonds was changed, which might confuse Minecraft players. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the 5 best ways to obtain Diamond Ore in Minecraft.

1. Diamond level in Minecraft 1.18

Before this update, players can find diamonds anywhere below y level 16, with an equal spawn chance on each level. However, in 1.18, players need to dig much further down to be able to find Diamond ore. The ore is found at level 15 or lower, most commonly between -50 and -64. levels -59 and -58 are the preferred levels to mine as long as they don't contain bedrock.

Minecraft Diamonds How To Find Diamonds Header
Mining Diamonds in Minecraft.

2. What to prepare for mining diamonds?

To find and mine diamonds effectively, players should prepare the following items:

  • A couple of iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe (bringing 2 or more is a good idea, in case one breaks).
  • Food for sustenance
  • Some torches to prevent mobs from spawning
  • A water bucket (to convert lava into obsidian or remove the burning status from lava)
  • A crafting table to make mineral blocks and furnaces
  • A shovel to remove dirt and gravel
  • Decent weapons and armors to battle monsters.

3. How to speed up diamond mining?


Blowing up TNT is one of the fastest ways to mine, but it does require a player to kill a large number of creepers for gunpowder and obtain lots of sand. Given a generous amount of TNT, a player can blow up one at a time, detonate a large clump, or place a block every five meters. TNT drops 100% of its items in Java edition, but this method is not viable in Bedrock edition.

How To Make Tnt In Minecraft
Creating TNT is a fast farming method.

Fortune III

If you can't increase the mining speed, it is best to make up for that with efficiency. The pickaxe for mining ores should have Fortune III if possible. Get an enchanting table up and running right away if you want to get lots of diamonds.

It is possible to temporarily replace Fortune III with Silk Touch. Store the block in your inventory until you manage to get a Fortune III pickaxe to mine them.

4. Alternate way to get diamonds in Minecraft

Villager trading

While diamonds themselves are not renewable, players can buy diamond tools and armor rather easily via Villager trading. Pickaxe, shovel and hoe can be acquired from toolsmith villager while sword and axe can be acquired from the weaponsmith. Lastly, the diamond armor can be bought from the armorsmith villager.

Chest loots

Players can loot chests from various locations in the Minecraft world for a chance to get diamonds. Furthermore, they can also get the uncraftable Diamond Horse Armor that occasionally spawns in chests. Below is a list of all chests that can spawn diamonds.

  • Shipwreck treasure (14.1%)
  • Stronghold altar chests (7.3%)
  • Village chests (9.9 -16.2%)
  • Fortress chests (19%)
  • Jungle temple chests (12.9%)
  • Desert temple chests (6.3%)
  • Mineshafts (8.9%)
  • Buried treasure (59.9%)
  • End city chests (21.2%)
Diamond Horse Armor
Players can acquire this rare item from chests.

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