Enchantments are important features in Minecraft that helps power up tools and items in the game. There are many types of enchantments in this game with different effects. Here are the top 5 most useful enchantments that you must have in Minecraft 2022.

#1. Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak is a future enchantment that is not available in Minecraft now. But this feature is coming soon. This useful enchantment will be released in the next update according to the schedule.

Swift Sneak increases the moving speed of the player in the sneak mode. It's very useful in the upcoming update, especially when you encounter the new dangerous Warden mob. There are three levels of enchantment you can apply to your boots.

Swift Sneak
Swift Sneak will arrive in the next update.

#2. Mending

Mending enchantment is a treasure enchantment. You can apply it to armor parts, tools, and weapons in the game. Then, these items can be repaired automatically by consuming XP points.

Enchanted gears are more useful in combat and survival mode. However, the mending enchantment is not compatible with Infinity.

Mending Enchantment
The mending enchantment helps the weapon automatically repaired.

#3. Protection

Protection is also one of the most useful enchantments you must have in Minecraft. In the survival mode, you need strong armor parts to protect your characters from heavy attacks. When you encounter enemies and dangerous mobs, solid armors can save your life.

There are four levels of protection enchantments to apply to your armor parts, including turtle shells. However, you cannot apply protection enchantments with some other types of enchantments, including Projectile, Blast, and Fire Protection enchantments.

Protection Enchantment
You should apply the Protection enchantment to all armor parts.

#4. Sharpness

Sharpness is another useful enchantment in Minecraft survival mode. You can apply it to melee weapons to increase the attack damage of your weapons. Then, you will have stronger weapons to fight off enemies and mobs.

You can apply five levels of sharpness enchantment to your axes and swords. But you shouldn't apply it to weapons with Bane of Arthropods and Smite enchantments.

Sharp weapons deal higher damage to enemies.

#5. Fortune

Fortune enchantment in Minecraft helps players loot more items when going exploration in the open world. When you apply this enchantment to your tools, you can get more drops after breaking a block.

For example, when you use an enchanted pickaxe to mine diamonds, you get more diamonds than normal. The higher level of enchantment, the more extra drops to loot. There are three levels of Fortune enchantment to apply. But you cannot combine it with the Silk Touch enchantment.

Minecraft Fortune
Fortune enchantment makes the ore drop more items.

Bonus: Not-So-Useful Enchantments

There are some enchantments that are not so useful and compulsory in Minecraft 2022. You don't really need them in this game.

  • Lure: reduces the wait time when fishing.
  • Thorns: helps reflect the attack damage from attackers back to them.
  • Bane of Arthropods: helps increase the attack damage to arthropod mobs.
  • Curse of Vanishing: applies a curse to nearby items when the player dies.
  • Curse of Binding: The cursed armor part, elytra, or any head will stick to players until they die or these items break.

You should focus on useful enchantments and try to obtain them.

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