The shield is one of the most underrated items in Minecraft. Before its addition, combat in the game is rather simple, with players spamming attacks until their targets die. However, with the addition of shields, players can now block incoming attacks using them. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to craft and use shields in Minecraft PVP & PVE.

1. How to craft a shield in Minecraft

Players can craft shields fairly early on in the game, with the highest tier of material needed being Iron Ingot, which you can get after just a bit of mining. Put 6 wood planks of any type alongside one iron ingot into the crafting menu, placing them in a Y shape with the Iron Ingot on top.

Shield Recipe
Unlike weapons, there is only one tier of shields that players can craft.

To repair shields, players can either use an anvil and planks or another shield. While the anvil method retains shield patterns, the merge method removes them.

The best enchantment for Minecraft shields is Unbreaking, as players need them to last for a long period of time. They can be repaired fairly easily at any time.

2. How to add patterns to Minecraft shields

This is a feature exclusive to the Java edition. Players can decorate their shields by fusing them with a banner. Players can either loot banners in the environment or craft them using six wool and a stick in a pattern resembling a sign.

Minecraft Shields
Unlike banners, shields cannot be repainted or washed in a cauldron.

When the shield blocks an attack of 3 damage or stronger, it takes durability damage equal to the strength of the attack rounded up. Just be careful, as mobs that deal continuous contact damage such as the slime, magma cube, and blaze rapidly drain the shield's durability as long as the player blocks in their hitbox.

3. How to use Shields in Minecraft


To use a shield, just equip it on the off-hand slot and hold the interaction button to raise it. Using‌ a shield causes a player to slow to a sneaking pace, and after 5 game ticks (0.25 seconds), attacks coming from in front of the player are blocked, dealing no damage.

Players can not attack while holding up the shield - they must put it down first.  Even explosion damage from creepers and TNT can be blocked. Most blocked projectiles that carry status effects (such as shulker bullets‌, flaming arrows, or tipped arrows) do not affect the blocker. Knockback from melee attacks and projectiles is prevented while knockback from other sources is reduced significantly.

PVP with shields


The shield pretty much blocks everything the opponent can fire at you from long range. Tridents & arrows can be deflected into other targets. Just avoid axes, as each hit can disable shields for 5 seconds.

The shield directionally blocks all attacks coming from within 90° of the direction the wielder is facing, providing a full hemisphere of coverage to them. If the wielder faces straight up or straight down, they are likely to miss their blocks.

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