PVP is one of the best activities that players can participate in while playing Minecraft Multiplayer. When a player dies in Normal difficulty, all their items are dropped onto the ground. This is a powerful incentive for players, as killing people and stealing their gear is the easiest way to get powerful items.

While equipment can greatly boost your chances in a fight, having good gear is not a guaranteed success. It all comes down to skill in the end. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 6 weapons to use in Minecraft Multiplayer PVP, ranked from best to worst.

1. Sword

The sword is the most popular weapon in Minecraft for melee combat. It has a decent range of 3 blocks and can attack fairly fast. While dealing slightly less damage per hit than the Axe, Swords has higher DPS and slightly higher knockback.

Combined with the ability to do sweep attacks and availability for multiple enchantments, it is arguably the best weapon to use for new players in Minecraft PVP.

Minecraft Pvp
PVP with swords in Minecraft

2. Axe

The axe deals slightly higher damage per hit and can disable shields. However, it is slower and therefore not recommended for new players to try. If you are going to use the Axe in PVP, try to jump before going in for a hit, then move backwards or sideways to try to avoid them from hitting you.

3. Shield

Shields in Minecraft can be used to block incoming attacks. Upon a successful block, shields negate damage and knockback from both melee attacks and ranged attacks. Against inexperienced opponents, a good shield user is nearly impossible to defeat.

To deal with shields, it is best to use an Axe, as it disables shield for 5 seconds on hit. A piercing crossbow is useful as well - its shots penetrate shields.

Shield In Minecraft
Blocking arrows

4. Crossbow

The best part about the crossbow is that you can shoot instantly if pre-loaded. In melee combat, the crossbow can be used as an instant projectile attack to chip your opponent's health after disabling their shield with your axe. Afterwards, you can switch back to your melee weapon to fight again.

Furthermore, players can turn the crossbow into a shotgun with the multishot enchantment, effectively tripling its damage in close range. By replacing normal arrows with fireworks, players can have a triple rocket launcher that deals massive splash damage.

Overall, the crossbow is the most underrated weapon for Minecraft Multiplayer PVP.

5. Bow

A bow is always useful in PVP, especially when enemies are not close to your location. A fully charged bow not only deals more damage than a diamond sword, which makes it a potent weapon in long range.

Shooting an enemy with an arrow before approaching give you a slight advantage in combat. Furthermore, you can also use tipped arrows to inflict effects like poison.

In fact, players are often divided between bows and crossbows. Each type of weapon has its own strength, so you can refer to the comparison to see when using crossbow or bow will gain the best result.

Bow vs crossbow
Bow is often compared with Crossbow in Minecraft Multiplayer PVP.

6. Trident

Tridents are versatile weapons that can be used for melee and ranged combat in Minecraft Multiplayer PVP. You need to enchant them with Loyalty and Impaling to be effective at long range. Overall, it is not really as effective in melee as the sword or axe, however. You need to learn to switch weapons quick after throwing an enchanted trident.

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