Combat is one of the weakest parts of Minecraft gameplay, as there are only a few weapons in the game with limited functionality. However, this weakness can be removed by installing free Minecraft mods. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 Minecraft combat mods to improve your gaming experience.

1. Better PvP

Better PvP is a popular mod used by Minecraft PvP and survival servers. Unlike other mods on this list, Better PvP only improves existing features instead of adding new ones. It implements new QoL features to improve the game's default mechanics and HUD.

These new QoL improvements improve PvP experience and give the players a better chance of survival. The mod's most popular improvements are the map display, quick use button, toggle sneak option, better sprint mechanics, potion effect display, quick eat, and a full notification system.

Better PVP
Better PvP displays a lot of useful information usually unavailable.

2. Spartan Weaponry

This is probably the biggest weapon mod ever made in Minecraft. Spartan Weaponry adds 2 dozen new weapons into the game, each with its own traits and attack mechanics. Furthermore, most of them are based on historical real-life weapons, which makes them more lore-friendly and immersive in the Minecraft world.

Most of these weapons can be made from the five vanilla tool materials, and each type of weapon has different properties that help with combat in certain situations, such as extended reach, damage bonuses, etc.

3. Epic Fight

Epic Fight revamps the vanilla combat system in Minecraft for both players and hostile mobs. This mod took inspiration from RPGs, with a lot of new features that RPG fans will instantly recognize.

Unlike the usual click spamming fights, you will be able to dodge, use special attacks, abilities and weapon combos. Multiple new types of weapons are also added - from greatsword to katana, spear and even knuckles. Each of them has its own unique combos and special moves.

Epic Fight
Epic Fight is amongst the best Minecraft combat mods that add new mechanics.

4. Expanded Combat

Unlike Epic Fight that focuses on the combat mechanics of the game, the Expanded Combat Mod only focuses on weapons. It revamps vanilla weapons and adds new ones. Weapons now have "progression" mechanics that allow players to improve their power based on materials crafted.

As Expanded Combat does not focus much on the mechanics, it is compatible with other popular combat mods, such as Spartan Weaponry and Dungeons Gear. This is a big plus as people usually want to install multiple mods.

5. CPS Counter Mod

Unlike the other mods on this list, the CPS Counter Mod is purely designed for multiplayer. It allows players to actually view their click speed in-game, which would be fairly useful in PvP fights. However, outside of that, this mod has no use at all.

However, a lot of Minecraft pro players and streamers use this mod to get a better time in PVP.

CPS counter is one of the most used Minecraft combat mods.

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