Minecraft has a large open world. Therefore, you sometimes get lost in this world and cannot find the way back to your house. Check out this guide on how to find your Minecraft house after getting lost in an exploration journey.

How To Find Your Minecraft House

Getting lost in Minecraft often occurs because of the immense game world. Besides, the game world is much larger after every update with new biomes. Therefore, it's sometimes difficult to find your Minecraft house after a journey to a new and strange biome for exploration and farming materials.

Find Your Way Home
Learn how to find your way home.

There are some ways to locate and find your house in Minecraft.

  • Craft and use the Compass

The compass always points to your house. To make a compass, you need four iron ingots and Redstone dust. Place these five items on the crafting table with four iron ingots around the Redstone dust.

  • Respawn in your house

Minecraft players can use their beds to respawn. You can use this way to return to your house when you go exploring too far. Kill yourself by falling down from a high place or drowning in deep water.

You need to do some steps before killing yourself to save your progress.

  • Craft a chest and put all your loots inside;
  • Save the co-ordinate of the chest you store your loots;
  • Respawn at your bed in your Minecraft house and take a compass with you;
  • Come back to the location where you die in Minecraft to take your loots back home or continue to explore and loot.

If you need to leave your pet at that location, you need to tie its lead or trap it in a block structure. It guarantees that your pet won't get lost while waiting for you to come back.

Kill Yourself And Respawn
Kill yourself and respawn in your house.
  • Teleport to your house

Minecraft players can teleport to their house by entering the command '/tp X Y Z' in the in-game chat box. X, Y, and Z are the axis coordinates of your Minecraft house.

Besides, if you get lost in a jungle or area near your house, you can wait until the sunset and moonrise. Then, climb up a high place and look around to find the light source to see your house. Or else, you can mark your way by placing some blocks along your route. Then, follow these blocks to return to your house.

Teleport To Your House
Teleport to your house.

Avoid Getting Lost In Minecraft

You can also avoid getting lost in Minecraft with some tips and tricks. Here are some tips to avoid going lost from your house in Minecraft.

  • Build a high tower next to your house: It helps you spot your structure easily when you go farming around your house, especially when you build a small house in a jungle or dense forest.
  • Put beacons in your house: When building and decorating your house, put some lights outside it. When you get lost near your home, you can follow the light and return to your house.
  • Craft a map: When you have a large house, you can locate it on the map. Minecraft players need 8 papers and a compass to craft a map in this game.
Build A High Tower To Mark Your House
Build a high tower to mark your house.

These tips will help you find the way home more easily when you get lost in Minecraft.

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