A slimeball is a crafting ingredient commonly dropped by slimes, and can be sneezed out by pandas. They can be hard to find, as both slime and panda are rare spawns. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get slimeballs in Minecraft 1.19 and their best usages.

1. How to get slimeballs in Minecraft 1.19

Slimes are one of the few mobs with specific spawning conditions. These bouncy mobs can spawn in swamp biomes on the surface when the light level is below 7. However, waiting for them to actually spawn in the swamp is rather inefficient. Players should focus on finding "Slime Chunks" which are underground chunks that have a high rate of spawning slimes.

Slimeball Minecraft
Slimeballs in Minecraft 1.19

The panda is even harder - it takes ages to find them and even then they barely drop any slimeballs.

How to find Slime Chunks

  • To find slime chunks, players have to dig deep down to Y level 30 and mine out a 4-block tall area (In Java edition, players can use F3+G to see chunk borders). To quickly mine, players should prepare pickaxes with efficiency.
  • Mark out the border using fences then light the whole area with any light source.
  • Move 24 blocks away from the mined-out area and return to see which chunks have slime spawned inside them. Due to fences, they will stay inside those chunks.

Alternatively, players can also use 3rd party tools such as Chunkbase to locate slime chunks in Minecraft. Just enter your world seed into the Slime Finder tool, then select your Minecraft version. This tool allows players to farm slime right away without having to manually dig and fence.

To get your world seed, Java players can just type  "/seed" in chat. Bedrock players need to go to Options to check.

2. How to build a slime farm in Minecraft 1.19

Creating a slime farm is fairly simple - just find a slime chunk, fence it, then dig a big hole with a pillar containing an iron golem in the middle. Place some magma blocks at the bottom of the hole.

Slime Farm 1 18

These Iron Golems will make the slimes hop over the edge. Any slimes surviving the fall are killed as they touch the Magma blocks.

Take note that slimes only spawn if the player is away farther than the 24 blocks and they can despawn when you’re over 32 blocks away. Make sure to make a small zone within this range to AFK in.

Slimes also drop experience points equal to their size: 4 for large slimes, 2 for medium slimes, or 1 for small slimes. Because slimes split into 2-4 smaller slimes when they die, a player can earn a possible maximum of 28 experience points from killing one large slime and all the slimes that split from it.

Because of that, a slime farm is also a very good XP farm.

3. What are the best uses for Slimes?

Create sticky pistons

What makes sticky pistons different from common pistons is that they can also pull blocks. You can make the pistons sticky by adding slimeballs to the recipe.

Minecraft Piston
Minecraft Piston and its sticky variant.

Place slimeballs and regular pistons on the crafting table and you will have sticky pistons in your hand.

Create Lead

The player can leash mobs with a lead and move them to a certain place. You can craft a lead with a slimeball and four strings.

Minecraft Lead
A lead allows players to move a mob wherever they want, as long as it is usable on the mob.

Create slime blocks

A slime block is a storage block equivalent to nine slimeballs. It has both sticky and bouncy properties making it useful in conjunction with pistons to move both blocks and entities. Players can create a slime block with 9 slimeballs.

Maxresdefault 1
Slime blocks in Minecraft are useful in complex redstone builds


Create fire resistance potions

Fire Resistance grants immunity to damage from fire, blaze fireballs, fire charges, magma blocks, and lava. Negates any bonus fire damage from bows enchanted with Flame and swords enchanted with Fire Aspect, but the attacks themselves are unaffected.

Lava Aquifer
Having fire resistance makes traveling in underground zones much easier.


Players can craft these potions using magma cream (slime + blaze powder) and awkward potions.

Create magma blocks

As mentioned above, magma cream can be crafted using slimeballs and blaze powder. Afterward, players can combine 4 magma cream pieces to create a magma block. They are super useful in creating traps and bubble elevators for water builds.

Magma Block
Magma blocks in Minecraft

When a water source is directly above a magma block, a whirlpool bubble column is created, going down from the highest source block. Anything encountering the bubble column is pulled down, including items, boats, players, and mobs. A player can restore breath underwater by entering a magma block's bubble column.

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