As with other battle royale titles, each Apex Legends match starts off with players making a jump out of an airborne vehicle. It also lets you do a similar thing during the playing time.

The glide you want to do requires some sort of a trick but if you manage to master it, you can travel a 500-meter longer distance at the very beginning.

How To Do The Glide In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Jump Glide
The technique is quite easy to do

The trick to do the glide is to use the information you pick up by watching the speedometer located on the glide HUD’s left-hand side. Next, you make proper changes to the flying course to land on the exact spot you want. Being able to glide faster and cover a longer distance can help players get to good loot before other squads or even land on the places they are unable to reach.

Here is how to do it. First, you jump as you would normally do and wait until the speedometer reads 145 and then start gliding until you see it shows 125. Repeat this sequel as many times as you need to get to the desired spot.

It sounds easy enough but can be extremely useful on many occasions and when you change this technique a little bit, you can also use it on relaunch balloons.

How To Make Use Of Relaunch Balloons To Glide Farther

Apex Legends Balloon
With these balloons, you can glide even farther

This trick is actually the result of a bug so it might not stay for long, use it when you still can.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hand on a relaunch balloon and determine the spot you want to get to. The next thing to do is to make sure that the balloon faces it. Now climb up the rope and keep your eyes on the balloon. When you have made it to the top, start launching. Initiate the freelook by right-clicking. Face the direction to where you want to glide to and at the same time hold the W key.

This technique can also bump you upwards when you get close to the surface and start the hover animation. If you wish to keep yourself in the air, look for more terrains to repeat this.