Initially introduced in 2018 as part of the inaugural Chemistry Update, balloons in Minecraft come in 16 vibrant colors and can be attached to walls to enhance the aesthetics of your builds. Nevertheless, crafting them in Minecraft Education Edition requires specific items not found in the regular version. This tutorial aims to guide how to make a balloon in Minecraft Education. Let’s get started!

What are Balloons in Minecraft?

Balloons in Minecraft are unique entities that float when positioned. This distinctive functionality is exclusively accessible in the Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education. Notably, balloons cannot be found in the Creative inventory or obtained through commands. As such, mastering the crafting recipe becomes essential to acquire them.

Balloon Colors Minecraft
Balloons in Minecraft are unique entities that float when positioned.

How to Make a Balloon in Minecraft Education

To get a balloon in Minecraft Education Edition, you need the following materials:

Materials Quantity How to make it
Latex 6 Carbon x5

Hydrogen x8

Helium 1 Protons x2

Electrons x2

Neutrons x1

Lead 1 Located in Ancient City & Woodland Mansion chests
Colored dye 1 Crafting flowers;

Mixing dyes;

or Defeating monsters.

Before making Latex, acquiring Carbon and Hydrogen is necessary through an Element Constructor. Additionally, Helium is required to make a balloon in Minecraft Education. Accessing an Element Constructor can be done by searching the creative inventory if you're in Creative mode. In Survival Mode, obtaining the Constructor necessitates the use of in-game commands. Still, for players on Bedrock Edition, activating "Education Edition" in world settings is also mandatory.

How To Make A Balloon In Minecraft Education

Once obtaining an Element Constructor, interact with it to access the Elements screen. Here, you'll encounter a circle featuring icons labeled "p+", "e-", and "n", representing protons, electrons, and neutrons, respectively. Each element, including Carbon, Hydrogen, and Helium, necessitates specific configurations for creation, as outlined below:

  • Carbon: Protons x6, Electrons x6, Neutrons x5
  • Hydrogen: Protons x1, Electrons x1, Neutrons x0
  • Helium: Protons x2, Electrons x2, Neutrons x1

How To Make A Balloon In Minecraft Education

Once you've successfully crafted each of the three elements, proceed to your Compound Creator. Within the 3×3 grid, arrange 5 Carbon and 8 Hydrogen to synthesize Latex. Ensure you have a minimum of 6 units of Latex in total. With both Latex and Helium in hand, navigate to a crafting table and engage with it. Referencing the image below, replicate the precise crafting recipe depicted to fashion a red balloon.

How To Make A Balloon In Minecraft Education

In Minecraft Education Edition, dyeing your balloons is simple. Instead of red dye, substitute it with the desired color dye. For instance, to create a light blue balloon, replace the red dye with light blue dye in the top-middle square of the crafting table. Likewise, utilizing Bone Meal or Ink Sacs will yield white and black balloons, respectively.

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How to use Balloons in Minecraft Education

When employed on a mob, fence, or wall, balloons affix themselves to the mob or block, much like a lead does. Balloons ascend into the air at a pace quicker than the player's flight ascent, yet they remain tethered to the ground if fastened to a fence. If affixed to a mob, the balloon propels upward, carrying the mob aloft until both eventually vanish or dissipate.

Balloons In Minecraft
When employed on a mob, fence, or wall, balloons affix themselves to the mob or block.

In case of being struck by an arrow, trident, or colliding with a solid block, a balloon bursts, emitting particles and dissolving into nothingness. There are no drops upon its destruction. Besides, a balloon affixed to a fence post will burst if struck by a player in any direction.

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