Strength in GTA Online is one of the stats that determine the toughness of the character. A character with a lot of strength will deal more damage in hand-to-hand combats and be able to take decreased damage from certain attacks. In addition, your character will improve speed climbing and proficiency in sports.

While most people prefer using guns, you never know when you might need some strength in GTA 5. Also, it is not that difficult to max it out. Here are the best ways in GTA 5 to max out your strength.

Asking a friend to help you

To increase your strength in GTA 5 Online, you don't need to go to the gym but you need to fight. Your strength increases by 1% for every 20 punches. You and your friend can punch each other to increase both's strength. A safer way to do this is to have your friend sitting inside a car and have you attacking the car. Your strength will still increase if you do this and it is safer.

Increase Strength In Gta Online 3
Hitting a car with your friend inside will increase your strength.

Fighting pedestrians with your fist

Not everyone has a person who is willing to take the punch for you, this is an alternative method. You can fight pedestrians with your fist to get more strength. However, your wanted level will increase when you hit people so you need to do an extra step to go around that.

You need to start a mission and go to Vespucci Beach. There will be several people there for you to punch. And while you are on a mission, the police will simply ignore you.

Gta Online Strength Stat Improve

Playing sports

Playing sports is another activity that will increase your strength in GTA 5 and it is also really fun. There are Golf, Triathlon, Yoga, Tennis, Arm Wrestling, Darts, Pool, and Bowling. Michael will increase strength really quickly when playing a Tennis match and win.

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