Since GTA 5 was introduced to the public, many players of it have been attracted by its stunning train that runs through the in-game world. The existence of this Railtrack has aroused the internet’s curiosity and desire to terminate the train at any price.

Gta 5 Train 3
Railtrack in GTA V.

Players of GTA 5 have tried almost anything just to stop the train, like creating an accident by placing industrial vehicles at the tunnel’s mouth or even locating explosives on the rail track. Different from GTA 5, other games like Red Dead Redemption 2 allows players not only to rob but also to be the mechanic of the moving train as well.

Gta 5 Train 2
Players have tried almost anything just to stop the train.

But it is not the case when talking about the train in GTA 5. Technically, the game does not allow players to use their Western outlaw. If they want to stop the train, they must use an ariel maneuver instead. Because of the complexity created by this default way, the guide below will show you a much easier way than the use of industrial vehicles like HVY Dump to stop the train in GTA 5.

Gta 5 Train 4
The guide below will show you a much easier way.

Step-by-step instruction on stopping GTA 5 train 

For some inexplicable reasons, the train in GTA V is seen as a nemesis of the internet; therefore, they all come together to force it to come to a hault. There are many stories around this, but among many clickbait videos and unsuccessful attempts, lots of people have actually found the way to stop that train.

In order to use this method, players have to have a certain level in the game, at least when they have unlocked Jumps all over the map.

The steps that needed to do include:

1. Go to the jump spot highlighted on the map

Gta 5 Train Map

2. Do the jump properly to finally land on the train

3. Go to the front of the train at the closest possible distance


4. Lay all the Sticky Bombs that you possess on the train

5. When it is out in the open, jump off the train then ignite the explosives

6. The train will finally stop.