Have you ever tried the surf mode in CS: GO? If you have, then you know that it is easier said than done. This mode is one of the most popular parts of the game, which involves gliding on and flying off surfaces. While it might look boring and a bit pointless, once you get the hang of things, surfing is a thrill! The most interesting thing about the surf mode is that it was not actually intended as a mode. It is a byproduct of pressing some buttons, and voila, some lucky player glided their way into a discovery! Here is how to play this mode:

How To Surf In Cs Go

How to surf in CS: GO

The surf mode is pretty simple. However, it is the mastering that takes time. We are talking about hours of practice here learning how to use the A and D buttons. That’s all you need, a good mouse with great sensitivity and an amazing grip. Once you get on the slope, you use the keys to work yourself against the wall. If the slope is on your right, you use the D button. And when it is on the left, you can already guess this: the A button. That is the basis on how to surf in CS: GO. However, it gets more interesting. Your crosshair should point in the direction in which you want to surf. A little loss of balance, and you either suffer in reduced speed or end up falling off. Then you have to start again. Remember, you have hours ahead of you before you can master this movement.

Now, the use of the A and D buttons aids in staying on the slope without losing speed or falling off. But surfing is not only about this, but rather, it extends to moving from one surface to the next. So, how do you do this? Launching! You need to move your mouse to start moving along the slope and jumping off it to another surface. The moment you launch, any movement in your mouse will affect the direction in which you move. So, if you are too fast or too slow with reaction, you might not land on the next surface. Or you could get there but with less speed, which is a bummer.

Most of the work in surfing comes down to estimation. You have to figure out the angle you need to land safely on another surface. Additionally, you should get some grasp of the speed needed for that landing. Some people rely on their speedometers for this. But, you know what? If you want to know how to surf in CS: GO, you have to do it the old school way. Dive all in and give it your all. In making your errors, falling off, losing momentum, and screaming at the monitor, you will understand what it takes to surf well.


People spend days leading into months trying to surf well, and your case will likely not be different. Take advantage of the surf maps in the steam workshop and find those with high ratings. While it is okay to test your limits, it is best to start with the beginner maps and work your way to the advanced level. If it gets boring to jump on and off surfaces without some competition, try the surf servers where you can test your skill against that of other surfers.  These are available under ‘community servers’ in the main window. The upside of these servers is that you get progress reports of how well you’re doing, giving you that push you need.

Surf In Cs Go

The Mouse Aspect

When it comes to surfing a gaming mouse is a must, it plays a crucial role and helps you surf smoothly. Your focus should be on comfort, the range of motion, and sensitivity. However, for that last point, please note that too much sensitivity could be your undoing. One slight jerk, and you could be back to zero, so choose sensitivity based on your general hand motions.

The Low-Down on Surfing in CS: GO

You will notice that this article does not offer a magic trick or pill to get you surfing like a pro. If you want to be one of the best surfers, you have to put in the work, fall a lot, lose momentum, and get back on track. You’ve got this!