Battle Royale game genre is now favored by many people around the world and therefore the game must also constantly offer great features to retain players with the game. The throne of Apex Legends with a thoughtful communication option has spurred its rivals in this game genre like PUBG and Fortnite to improve its features. Epic Games has decided to include new ping systems in the upgraded version of Fortnite to meet the needs of players.

Fortnite Season 8 Music Listen Tracks Battle Pass
Fortnite's 8th season has been launched with many improvements in maps, weapons and mechanisms.

Fortnite's 8th season was finally launched and the creator of the game also brought a lot of innovation in the mechanics of the game. Besides the two new locations in the map, a volcano and a pirate gun are added, Epic Games gives players a new ping system and it works like Apex Legends. It allows the player to know the location of equipment items, weapons, teammates and enemies that players do not need to communicate with each other.

Fortnite Copies Apex Legends By Adding New Ping Sy
Fortnite's new ping system works just like on Apex Legends

To use the ping system in Fortnite is quite simple. For PC game players, an object will be highlighted when the player presses the middle mouse button. For those who play on PS4, you must press the L1 button. Press left bumper for players on Xbox One and Fortnite players on Switch, press the L. button.

When you press that button once, you will determine a position. You will press twice to turn the icon into red to ping your teammates about nearby enemies. Besides, to inform your teammates about an item, you place the cursor on the item and press the button once.

Ping Enemy Location Fortnite
Players can identify the location of enemies, teammates and items without oral communication

This ping system is not too difficult for players to get used to, but it really makes the game more interesting. Make sure you use it for the next time you play Fortnite.

In Fortnite season 8, Epic Games also added a new mechanism, Party Assistant. Players can ask for help from friends to complete difficult challenges more quickly.