Checking your statistics in your favorite game is a common thing for gamers to do. Some even consider it as a hobby and try to improve it as much as possible. This is true for both online games and offline games. And although Apex Legends is not one month old yet, there have been times when you want to check out your stats and see how you’re performing in the new online battle royale FPS game Respawn Entertainment.

However, at the time of when this article being written, there’s no official way to check your overall stats in-game. So far, you can't check how many kills you have got totally, how many matches you have won totally … and many other interesting statistics. But luckily Respawn Entertainment has already included a way for players to track their statistics in each individual character they played.

This can be done by going into the Legends tab in your in-game menu. In here you will see all eight characters currently available in Apex Legends. Choose the character that you want to check your stats while playing this character and look for the tracker tabs in the bottom left. If you find the tracker tabs, you can find and scroll through all your statistics while you play that character.

Image118 1024x576
Your in-game statistics will look like this

You can see all of these stats whenever you want (of course not in the middle of a match), but in order to have them appear on your in-game banner when you go into matches, you need to unlock them through crafting or loot boxes and then equip them to your character’s profile.

There has not been a way to have one character’s statistics appear on another Legend’s banner, sadly. So if you want to show off your massive Bloodhound kill count, you need to be playing Bloodhound and equip the stats on your character banner before joining a match in Apex Legends.