Leaving your own mark on human's civilization is the dream of every people on Earth. However, Humankind will give you even more than that! It is actually going to fully decide how humankind will develop, therefore rewriting the whole story of human history!

Humankind is the product from the developer Amplitude and the developer SEGA. It was available for play at Gamescom 2019, and here is the game's trailer for this event:

Change the course of the whole history in Humankind!

That's what people can expect in this magnum opus of Amplitude and SEGA. They've called their masterpiece a "wildly ambitious historical turn-based strategy game", and through what we see from the trailer and the early footages at Gamescom, the game definitely lives up to its lengthy description.

Humankind Allows You To Change The Whole History A
The early footages of Humankind look stunning!

To be more specific, Humankind will throw you in the Earth at the earliest stage of humans. From the Neolithic era, you'll create your one and only civilization that's as unique as you are. From the Neolithic era to the Modern Ange, you'll start to combine more than 60 different cultures. They include Ancient Egypt, the Romans, and maybe even the Vikings. Each culture features its own specialty, and combining them together will bring nearly endless outcomes.

Humankind Allows You To Change The Whole History A
Choose your own combination of more than 60 cultures to form your own civilization

Furthermore, you're the one who writes your own story. You'll choose to go through the whole new history course with facing real historical events and characters. But what they'll end up is depending on you. Controling those events and confronting other players will be the key to the final glory.

Humankind Allows You To Change The Whole History A
Encounter real historical events and characters

With Humankind, the journey is more important than the destination. In fact, every great achievement you accomplish and every choice you make will build up your fame, laying your own impact on this world. The win condition of this game is very simple: the one with the most fame is the winner.

Humankind Allows You To Change The Whole History A
The one with the most fame gets the final victory

In order to do that, you'll have to ostentate your tactical skills. To be more specific, getting good at terrain elevation, building cities, guide your troops through various epic fights is very crucial. For example, you'll need to choose the high ground for your city for better defense, hiding your archers in the wood for unexpectable raids. Last but not least, you'll need to sharpen your diplomatic talent too, as you need to call your allies in the world-scale multiplayer combats.

Humankind Allows You To Change The Whole History A
Choose the high ground to build your city

Release date

Unfortunately, there isn't any official release date of Humankind yet. The developer announced that it will come out at some times in 2020.

At this moment, we can only assure that the game is coming for PC, and further consoles supports might come in the future.