Epic Game Store - A giving back platform

Tripwire Interactive is planning to bring “Maneater” a shark-centric RPG to Epic Games Store next year. The game will first have a debut on Epic Game Store and then will go to other PC platforms 1 year later.

In 2019 Maneater Shark Game Will Come To Epic Game
A meal in the ocean

Epic is quite an odd choice for a publisher to make a debut for his game. Usually, a publisher would choose a more well-established and stable platform like Steam or Origin for their game's debut.

In 2019 Maneater Shark Game Will Come To Epic Game
Beautiful graphics

But according to John Gibson CEO of Tripwire Interactive, they chose Epic because this platform has something unheard of among all digital market platforms. Epic is giving back money to funding games of independent developers by doing this it puts itself under a very high risk. However, this fund makes it is possible for independent developers to make better games and take bigger chances than they would without the fund. So it is a win-win for everyone - he said.

“Maneater” - be a shark

We first got a glimpse of “Maneater” back in E3 2018, Tripwire Interactive showed us short footage of players play as a killer shark and go look for a victim in the water. It is in the water of the southern part of US Gulf Coast, you have to find your way to survive in the harsh streams, rivers, and ocean. You could only kill or be killed, it is a blizzard revenge story where one "handsome" shark goes to search and take revenge on a hunter who stole the shark's family. In the game, you could customize your shark with various skins and accessories. Go explore sunken wrecks, swampland and cross through the ocean to find the next victim. With time your shark will evolve to be even more brutal.

In 2019 Maneater Shark Game Will Come To Epic Game
Hunting in Maneater

At the moment, we don't have a fixed date for the release of “Maneater" on Epic Games Store yet. However, we are sure that the game will come out in 2019.