You will drive along gorgeous tracks in the Japanese sunset with a collection of 16 different cars, techniques, and drivers.

Here is a new trailer for Inertial Drift:

Awesome control scheme

In Inertial Drift, we have an intuitive control scheme of twin-stick that makes pulling off drifts way easier for new players. Meanwhile, it also provides experienced players with lots of depth.

Inertial Drift Publishing Goes To Pqube And New Tr
Utilize your best skills to pull out the most suspenseful drift ever.

You will get independent controls of your drifting and steering using the left and right sticks to precisely control your car's orientation and position. Your car's handling properties are affected by the brakes and throttle application, plus each car type will react differently. All those mechanics combine to give us a puzzle to master and explore. Utilize the best of your skills for different race modes, local multiplayer, and style mode.

Here are some highlighted features of Inertial Drift:

Twin-stick drifting: It is a new precision level which allows you to pull out impressive drifts just arm away from the barrier.

Inertial Drift Publishing Goes To Pqube And New Tr
You could choose from 16 different cars and characters.

16 unique driving styles: Each car and character all have their own driving style. Therefore, you could choose to master one technique or go for them all to become the most awesome racer ever. It has the setting of retro-future 90s. There are 20 tracks in total, which are flooded with vibrant neon and Japanese sunset lights. Together they set the stage for the most thrilling races ever.

Inertial Drift Publishing Goes To Pqube And New Tr
You will get used to twin-sticks control in no time.

Competitive 1-vs-1 racing: It gives you a huge adrenaline boost each time headlights appear in your mirror or hear the noise from your opponent's car.

The title is heading to PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next year in Spring.