There are so many new things to discover in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It's really huge, with lots of new Armor Sets, Weapons, Spells, Incantations, Talismans, and even Consumables to find all over the Shadow Lands.

Innard Meat In Elden Ring

Innard Meat is a new Consumable in Elden Ring that has caught fans’ attention. It often drops from the horrifying enemies known as the insides of Warrior Jars. Let's take a closer look at how to find and use Innard Meat in Elden Ring.

How to use Innard Meat in Elden Ring

  • Type: Consumable
  • Effect: Causes damage when tossed at an enemy.
  • Damage range: 350+

Innard Meat is actually not something you eat or use directly like other Consumables in Elden Ring. Instead, it's thrown like Throwing Pots or Kukuri. Many of us initially thought it would be consumed like Meat Dumplings, but it turns out we throw it at enemies instead.

How To Use Innard Meat In Elden Ring

Exactly! When you equip this consumable in the Quick Bar and use it, your character throws the chunk of meat at the enemy you're targeting, causing damage upon impact.

Some might expect it to inflict a Status Ailment like Poison or Rot, but it simply deals damage. While having another ranged throwing option is welcome, it's strange that this one has such a straightforward effect and only moderate damage.

How to find Innard Meat in Elden Ring

Want to immerse yourself as a Warrior Jar Cosplayer or Potentate and focus on using Throwing Pots and similar Jar-related items? Here are specific areas in the Shadow Lands where you can easily farm Innard Meat.

Innard Meat exclusively drops from the Condemned Jar Meat enemies, which are mostly located in the underground Gaol dungeons. You can also find them scattered in certain areas of the Shadow Keep, yet your most reliable source will definitely be the Gaols.

How To Find Innard Meat In Elden Ring

How To Find Innard Meat In Elden Ring 2

Nevertheless, sometimes, this isn't the most common drop, and you'll probably need to defeat quite a few of these disgusting meat creatures to get one to drop. Fortunately, every enemy in this DLC drops a substantial amount of Runes when defeated, so getting Innard Meat also results in decent Rune farming. The two best Gaols to find these enemies are the Belurat Gaol in the Gravesite Plains and the Bonny Gaol in Scadu Altus.

Honestly, it seems like this Consumable might serve another purpose that fans haven't discovered yet, because using the Innard Meat of these Jars as a basic projectile feels surprisingly ordinary. However, for now, this is all the information we have about this item.

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