Last weekend is the 80th celebration of one of the most renowned heroes in DC comic – Batman. The celebration day changes year to year, but this year it took place on 21 September. On this occasion, WB Games Montreal posted a video on their Twitter account. The clip was to celebrate Batman's day with his signature logo lighting up on the wall, but it also snuck in three logos in flashes at a different point.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor

It might be normal for a developer team to join this annual festivity. However, this account hasn’t posted anything since 2015 when the latest Batman major game – Arkham Knight was released, so this must suggest a new development of the studio.

Another clue was the reply of Batman comics writer Scott Snyder on the original video, which includes the hashtag ‘bewarethecourtofowls’. The comment was quickly deleted, but some people still got a screenshot. For those who don’t know, one of Scott’s best Batman stories was ‘Court of Owls’.This seems to be a good time to spread the new, as major game events such as Sony’s State of Play and The Game Awards are coming in the following weeks. In fact, the Caped Crusader has been appearing on the media quite often lately, such as the promotion of Arkham and Lego games on Epic Game Store, and the cross-over with Fortnite.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor

Till now, there are 4 products in the mainline entries of the Arkham series,  which are Arkham Asylum (2009), Arkham City (2011), Arkham Origins (2013) and Arkham Knight (2015). Most of them were developed by Rocksteady Studio,  with the exception of Origins. However, they are all the best games that you can play on both the current and previous versions of consoles.

Though we don’t know the exact plot of the upcoming game yet, it is undebatable that Court of Owls saga is one of the best stories about the Dark Knight, and it would be an early Christmas gift for the fan worldwide if this rumor comes true.