Resident Evil 2 remastered has been the hottest topic amongst gamers since the start of 2019. The game was worldwide released on the 25th of January for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows platform. The game received three million units sold in its first week. Along the recent arrival of Marvel Studio’s latest movie known as Captain Marvel, players can now have the chance to have a mix between the movie and the game by this Captain Marvel Skin Mod.

Large Captain Marvel

It is easy to perform this mod. And here is how to get a hold of this mod and play as Carol Danvers in the remake of Resident Evil 2. Installing and playing the mod will be quite simple, the hard thing to do is to find somewhere to download the right mod to play, and here is where you need to go and pick up your stuff:

The Captain Marvel skin mod for the Resident Evil 2 help you play as Carol Danvers in the game, the mod alters the in-game character’s suit, in this case, Clair Redfield’s military suit into Carol Danvers’ battle suit. However, the DLC for Clair Redfield’s military suit will be needed for the Captain Marvel mod to work correctly though.

Medium Captain 3Medium Captain 4

When you have already downloaded the mod for Captain Marvel’s skin. All you need now is the Resident Evil 2 Mod Manager for the Captain Marvel mod to work. We highly recommend this Mod Manager below:

Once the Mod Manager is installed, placed the Captain Marvel mod in this following directories Games\RE2R\Mods. The next step is to run the Mod Manager, then install the mod for Captain Marvel skin. When you have installed the mod, Clair Redfield’s should be replaced with Carol Danvers’ battle suit with an awesome mohawk. Now, you can play the game as our favorite heroes Captain Marvel.