CloudPunk is a game developed by ION LANDS, in which you play as a driver for a “semi-legal delivery company” called Cloudpunk. Let first enjoy the trailer of the game before we dive deeper into it.

This is your first night of working for the company in the Nivalis city. You will be driving your hovercraft to deliver packages to places. Some places are on the ground, while some are at the edge of the troposphere. Some packages are legal while some others are not. But, someone has to do it, those packages are not going to deliver themselves. This is your new job now, and soon you will figure out that driving is not what this job is really about.

Cloudpunk Announcement Trailer 0 17 Screenshot
Your shift has just begun and this will be a long night in this city

The game introduces seemingly infinite of possibilities. With each delivery, apart from handling the package and get the signature, you will have a little talk with a character and get to know about their story. Be sure to read those stories carefully as each of them will affect the future of the city later on, from the lowest corner to the edge of space.

You will also be able to discover every corner of this absolutely beautiful city with a vehicle or on foot. Lots of hidden areas, secret quests and mysteries are waiting for you to find out in the city. All it takes is a little bit of your curiosity.

Cloudpunk Trailer 2 Rania And Control 0 38 Screens
Driving your hover in a city that goes down a hundred miles and up a thousand

There will be more information about the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. In meanwhile, let check out the latest trailer of Cloudpunk.

Cloudpunk will be available for PC through Steam sometime later this year.