At dawn on 12 June, gamers felt extremely excited as Sony revealed the official design of the new-generation console, PS5, at the “The Future of Gaming” event. However, while the tech company is celebrating their victory, a new formidable opponent has suddenly joined in the console war, not Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It is a completely new name: KFConsole.

May KFC join the gaming market to compete with Sony and other giants?

To get more specific, the renowned fast-food restaurant chain, without any warning, has just released its first console called KFConsole after Sony officially launched the design of PlayStation 5. KFConsole has marked the first step of KFC in approaching the gaming world, and gamers across the world, of course, felt surprised as realizing the intense rivalries between fast-food delivery corporations in the gaming market.

In the introduction on its official Twitter page, KFC Gaming (the subsidiary of KFC responsible for gaming strategies) has suddenly launched the first video of its gaming console that looks like a popcorn cup - one of the familiar symbols of this fast-food restaurant chain.

Kfc Introduce Console
There haven't been any specific details on the design of this console.

According to KFC Gaming, the KFConsole allows gamers to play games at 120 frames per second in 4K, and that means its hardware is as powerful as that of Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series. Immediately after the post, the trailer of introducing KFConsole has rapidly drawn the huge attention from the gaming community on Twitter with more than 1.18 lakh likes.

Kfc Console
KFConsole can reportedly run games at 120 FPS in 4K.

In fact, there haven’t been any specific details about the KFC’s console, from price, design, to even games that can run on it. When being asked whether there is any exclusive game on the KFConsole, KFC Gaming confirmed that one of the first games available is I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin' Good Dating Simulator. However, the company also revealed that its gaming product is just a common console that allows gamers to play games available on Steam.

When it comes to the official configuration of KFConsole, as well as its storage, KFC was proud to say that its console can work as well as the PlayStation 5 of Sony or Xbox Series from Microsoft. The new-gen product with a 2TB storage can run games at 120 FPS in 4K. The fast-food chain hasn’t now revealed the official release date of KFConsole.