In the official PS5 reveal event of Sony a few days ago, the company has revealed an exciting roster full of blockbusters that would appear on its next console, the PS5. In this article, we would go through the PS5 game list and pick out some of the most anticipated titles. Not all of these are Sony exclusives, however - Resident Evil Village and Hitman 3 are available on all systems.

1 – PS5 game list: Resident Evil Village

The eight entry of the famous Resident Evil series is finally here, and it is confirmed to be a direct continuation of Resident Evil 7. With Ethan and Mia living together and having a kid, it looks like the good ending of RE 7 was canon.

Ethan’s world suddenly comes crashing down when his old friend Chris Redfield comes in and shot his wife multiple times. This set up a chain of events in which Ethan following Chris to a mysterious remote village. The location is filled with dilapidated buildings and weird people.

PS5 Game List Reddit
PS5 Game List Reddit: Chris Redfield might be mind-controlled or turning evil in this chapter

All the previous leaks were true – the village is on the foot of a castle, which was built on the side of a snowy mountain, along with people turns into werewolves. This is more or less inspired by the previous scrapped version of Resident Evil 4, which also takes place in a castle and contains “swarm” enemies similar to the women with insect power in the trailer.

PS5 Game List Leak
PS5 Game List Leak: Umbrella is going to be a part of the conspiracy in this game as well

2 – PS5 game list: Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales is going to be a standalone expansion of Spider-Man 2018, featuring Peter Parker’s young protégé, Miles Morales. The trailer showing Miles in action, swinging between buildings, leaping over cars and fight against bad guys. It also showcases some of Miles’ more unique powers – the ability to turn invisible and emit electric shocks “Venom Strike”.

This might be a piece of bad news for Peter Parker’s fans, however, as Miles Morales comes from an alternate timeline called “Ultimate Marvel” in which Spider-Man was killed by the Green Goblin. With the narrative being Peter’s voice describing something really similar to “passing the torch”, it is not a stretch to say that the original Spider-Man won’t make it to the end of this game.

PS5 Game List Leak
PS5 Game List Leak: Miles using his "Venom" electric power to take down an enemy

3 – PS5 game list: Hitman 3

The dramatic conclusion for the World of Assassination Trilogy is finally here. The new Hitman reboots have done a good job in bringing the Hitman name back to the list of good stealth titles, with their intuitive gameplay, creative quest writers, and amazing level designs. The game is going to be available on January 2021 – and if you owned the previous titles, your progress would be carried over automatically.

In the trailer, we can see 47 in his journey to come back to his roots, to where it all begins. The story would presumably continue based on Hitman 2's Ending, with 47 and his brother going after the Providence organization's partners and eventually its former head, the Constant. Based on revealed information, Hitman 3 would continue to refine the gameplay mechanics from the previous two games without deviate from them too much. The graphics aspect would be improved, of course.

PS5 Game List Reddit
PS5 Game List Reddit: 47 and his brother would hunt down the rest of the shadowy organization that created them

4 – PS5 game list: Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to the blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a continuation of Aloy’s story – the events of the game are set 25-26 years after Zero Dawn’s ending. The game is going to take place in the western part of the USA as there were a few references to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Everything you have experienced in the first game would be rehashed once again, with a much different coat of paint. There would be different variances of Flora, Fauna, and Machines, along with a whole slew of new tribes to discover.

PS5 Game List Reddit
PS5 Game List Reddit: Exploring underwaters regions would be a big part of Forbidden West

Underwater exploration is going to be more focused in Horizon Forbidden West – you can expect to spend a lot of time swimming around, exploring the dead city under the sea.

PS5 Game List Reddit
PS5 Game List Reddit: A lot of new mechanical enemies would appear in the sequel

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5 – PS5 game list: Demon’s Souls Remake

With Dark Souls being the first game that managed to catapult From Software to success, people often forgot about the original first title of the Souls series, Demon’s Souls. The game was made in 2008 and it is much more dated than Dark Souls – with its difficulty amplified by the overall poor optimization and performance of the console.

With the fame of From Software and the Soulsborne/Sekiro games reaching its peak, Sony has finally greenlighted their project to remake the first Souls game. Demon’s Souls remake has been rebuilt from the ground up using the engine of Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro.

PS5 Game List Leak
PS5 Game List Leak: The level design is overall the same - but everything looks miles better

In the trailer, a lot of old enemies and bosses have made their appearance. From the gigantic Tower Knight to the fearsome Dragon God… everything just looks so much better. The online aspects of the game are improved as well – multiplayer is going to use servers instead of going peer to peer like DS3.

PS5 Game List Leak
PS5 Game List Leak: Gigantic boss fights is going to be prevalent in Demon's Souls

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