Kingdom Hearts III has just released a new opening movie trailer. Being the first trailer of the opening movie to be released this month, this trailer features impressive scenes along with the melody of Face My Fears, a new song by Hikaru Utada and Skrillex.

The trailer demonstrates many familiar elements from the previous entries of the franchise. It features scenes and characters from Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and many more. Every one of these scenes appears while a younger Xehanort is playing with his chess pieces his chessboard. This is a reference of a previous trailer of the game in which a younger Xehanort and Eraqus play chess together.

Xehanort Playing Chess
Xehanort is seen playing with his chess pieces in the trailer.

There are as yet two additional trailers that should be featured this December. The next trailer is supposed to be Kingdom Hearts III's last trailer and ought to be released somewhere near December 18 while the last one will be featured mostly for cinematic purposes and should only last half a minute.

After the game was said to ready to release later last month, the size of the game on Xbox One was found on Microsoft's Japanese site. As we draw nearer to the Kingdom Hearts III's release on January 29 next year, the more its developers' promotion gets bigger. The game will have a unique occasion in Disney Springs in Florida where fans are allowed to play a demo and also observe life-sized Keyblades and the sky is the limit from there.

The game is just less than 2 months away. As this exciting yet impressive adventure draw nearer to being finished, you can even now pre-order it on Amazon on the off chance that you'd like, which should get you a selective Keyblade nearby the version you picked.

Check out the trailer: