Apparently, the Silent Hill franchise is being brought back from the dead - the first time since Kojima's departure. While this is not an official announcement, the leak came from a trustworthy source that has disclosed many correct pieces of information in the past. Based on the details revealed, one game would be a soft reboot of the franchise while the other - most likely a spinoff, would use an episodic format, similar to Until Dawn and games from Telltale.

The ghostly antagonist of the P.T Demo

Furthermore, it is also revealed that Konami has been working on the concept of the game for about two years, called on various developers for ideas. While there is not much information available about the exact developers who were contacted - Silent Hills is a big name and Konami would not give it to just about anyone. There is also a high chance that one of both titles would be revealed this year.

The endless hallways in which you would get stuck on

This leak was also confirmed by another independent source, the horror game website "Rely on Horror". Additionally, earlier this year, it was also revealed that veteran artist Masahiro, who was amongst the leaders in the creative team of Silent Hills, was working in a new project. Since the cancellations of the series and Kojima's departure, the future of the franchise has always been in question. It is a shame, as P.T, the demo of the canceled Silent Hills remake, is excellent. Released in Gamescom 2014 as a "Playable Teaser", the short demo gave the players some of the most horrifying and weird horror puzzle experience.

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The remake is very likely to be a part of the next generation of consoles

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