Resident Evil 8's current state is still unrevealed, however, a fair amount of leaks have been trickling down from sources - most of them are pretty decent and does not affect people's perception of the game, unlike the recent reveals about The Last of Us 2. In this article, we would list out some of the most prevalent leaks about the upcoming Resident Evil sequel from Capcom:

1 - Plot points leak

Resident Evil 4 Castle Artwork Header
The Castle and the Lab are going to be the final locations of the game, supposedly

This leak is from a Resident Evil demo - the people who revealed this also further stated that the game is going to be released in 2021. According to this source, various characters from RE7 would return - including Ethan, Mia, and Chris. This pretty much canonized the good ending of RE7. Apparently, Ethan and Mia, after escaping from the horrible events of the previous game, are living in a remote mining village in the middle of nowhere. They had a kid together. Afterward, a mysterious mining accident happens, and the people of the village begin to turn into zombies.

The castle is probably going to be reimagined from the RE4 scrapped contents

The event eventually leads back to yet another Umbrella conspiracy, with a Castle, an undercover lab, and werewolves at the end of the mine... the usual Resident Evil schtick. The game coded "Village", but this is probably not the final name of the project.

2 - Chris Redfield redesign

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Chris would look like his RE7 version

Looks like Chris would again play a part in a RE game, this time with a completely different design altogether. Apparently, he would be similar to his appearance during the DLC of RE7.

3 - RE 8 would have some of the most gruesome monster design yet

The various leaks on Twitter

This leak was from Aesthetic Gamer, one of the verified Resident Evil Series leakers that has gotten it right a lot of time in the past. According to him, RE8 will include some of the monster designs that have never been seen before in previous entries - and with this game being first-person like RE7, players are going to get an absolutely wild ride.

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