If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto V, you are surely familiar with Legal Trouble GTA 5. This is one of the most iconic missions of this title, as well as in the whole franchise. Seeing that you guys pay a lot of attention to this mission particularly, today we will talk a little bit about GTA 5 Legal Trouble. Considering a lot of you guys have finished this mission, this article will mainly focus on some side fun facts of this mission.

Overview of GTA V Legal Trouble:

This mission is handed to the main character, Michael De Santa, by character Solomon Richards. This mission starts with Michael De Santa walking in the office of Solomon Richards. Michael De Santa is shocked to see the present of Devin Weston and Molly Schultz (Devin Weston’s assistant) in the office.

Screenshot 1
Michael De Santa walking in the office of Solomon

Devin Weston begins to say that as one of the two shareholders of Richards Majestic Production (the other shareholders is the idiot son of Solomon Richards), he will kill the newest movie of Richards Majestic Production, in return for a huge amount of insurance money. With that amount of money, Devin Weston intends to pay off the son of Solomon Richards to tear down the film, and then he can start building condos.

Screenshot 2
Devin Weston explaining his plan

Solomon Richards does not agree, of course. He does try to shield the movie tape, but Molly Schultz manages to pull to movie tape away from Solomon Richards. Molly Schultz’s plan is to bring the movie tape to a secret abroad location by air-plane. Michael De Santa then chases down Molly Schultz to the airport. Along the airport runways, the pursuit between Michael De Santa and Molly Schultz creates a lot of chaos.

Screenshot 3
Molly Schultz takes the movie tape away from Solomon

But then Molly Schultz manages to reach the hangar of Devin Weston, with a jet waiting for her and the movie tape. However, Molly Schultz is in a huge panic, due to the pursuit of Michael De Santa, so she mistakenly runs into a jet engine and kills herself. Michael De Santa picks up the movie tape and then gets away from the wanted level he is in, as he has entered a restricted area. Michael De Santa manages to run away from the cops, end the mission.

Screenshot 4
And there goes Molly Schultz

Mission objectives of GTA V Legal Trouble:

Travel to the airport and locate Molly Schultz.

Chase down Molly Schultz.

Get in a car. (if you exit the car during the pursuit)

Molly Schultz is getting away (if you let Molly Schultz get too far away from you during the pursuit)

Collect the movie tape.

Escape from the Cops.

Gold medal objectives for Legal Trouble GTA 5:

“Time” - Finish the mission within 05:30

“Floor it” - Achieve the top speed in any car.

“Clean Escape” - Get away from the wanted level within 02:00.

“News Hound” See the camera of Weazel News for 15 seconds.

Screenshot 5
You still can be better than this

Tips to get the gold medal objectives in Legal Trouble GTA 5:

Skip all cutscenes

Choose the car with the highest acceleration rate – the rapid GT is a good choice

Use the Shamal air-plane to get off the wanted level

Do not stay behind police cars when you are getting to parked/landing jets

The soundtrack of GTA V Legal Trouble:

The soundtrack during Legal Trouble mission in GTA 5 is "Dragoner". Normally, players can only hear this song when they are in the 3-5 star wanted levels. The song starts at the end of the first cutscene of the mission, and it will go along the mission until the players fully escape the wanted level.

The scripted car for Legal Trouble GTA 5:

We have collected all the free cars that this game scripts for you to play this mission.

Rapidgt Gtav Legaltrouble Front
The white Rapid GT car

Surano Gtav Legaltrouble Front
The black Surano car

Cognoscenticabrio Gtav Legaltrouble Front
The red Cognoscenti Cabrio car

Packer Gtav Legaltrouble Front
The green Packer truck

Carbonizzare Gtav Legaltrouble Front
The yellow Carbonizzare car