Being the best may be fun, but the process isn’t

Based on ESPN’s feature story about Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, known as the most famous and talented Fortnite streamer, is packed with appealing details about his journey to be successful on the worldwide level. Spoiler alert: It has something to do with managing a schedule that is neither fun nor easy.

The most outstanding detail from the story is the way Blevins practices Fortnite. It’s highly uncommon that you approach Fortnite, or any video game out there, similarly.

How does he maintain his level? Answer: practice! It’s not just about playing. Ninja participates in nearly 50 games per day, and he evaluates each of them. He’s rarely tired, and he takes every loss really hard. Extremely competitive, he ensures that he manages to win once per day. (He normally wins 15 times a day and his record is 29 times in 1 day)

He said when he died, he became upset. He advised players to practice, not just playing, because when they practice, they take the match seriously and they don’t make excuses for what happened. Instead, they will think about what they could do better next time.

The differences between him and most players

Despite the fact that Blevins plays this game much longer than most players, time is not the biggest issue. The difference is his method of practicing. Enjoying the game is not enough; he needs to learn from his mistakes and then focuses on his weaknesses.

When any of us play, we might assume that we play for fun. As time goes by, we become better at this game, but we didn’t really focus on how we can improve. Belvins is undeniably talented, but he also show high level of focus, long-hour practice, learn about his mistakes and know how not to make the same mistake again.

The video below clearly demonstrated the difference between effective practice and just repeating the same action.

If you are too lazy to watch this, then remember that 1 of the main points is that to master something, how long we practice isn’t the most important thing. What matters the most is the effectiveness and quality of this practice. Effectiveness of a practice is determined by the consistency, intense focus and find out your weaknesses and then learn from them.

Blevins is really mindful about how long he played, how he evaluated his method of playing and how he maintains his competitiveness and consistency during the match. Most of us will easily get tired or exhausted, and Blevins is the one who’s overcome this challenge and that’s why he’s good at what he’s doing.

By now, you should understand that you need to practice for a long period of time every day, and then focus on what you’ve done wrong, learn how to improve your weaknesses. Moreover, you should re-watch the match and care about the result of every round.

You certainly will not have much fun. The experience will definitely makes you better. The real question is how long you can continue doing that.

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