Ever since its introduction, Cayo Perico has been one of the most popular locations in GTA Online. While the Criminal Enterprises update nerfs some aspects of the heist, it also adds quite a bit of new content to the island.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Cayo Perico content in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update.

Take note that this content will not be immediately available at once. It will come out as weekly updates, beginning on August 11, 2022.

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Rockstar has improved the island tremendously.

1. Ten new Cayo Perico races

The update will add a whopping 10 new races to take place on this island. Players can try them out by selecting Play Job > Rockstar Created > Races. The new races will have "Cayo Perico" in the beginning.

They are available immediately at rank 1 and can accommodate up to 8 players. Each race on the list has different features - for example, Bike & Subscribe is a race that features motorcycles, whereas Coast's Clear is a Sea Race.

Below is a list of all the new races:

  • Bike & Subscribe
  • Coast's Clear
  • Crash Course
  • Flier Flier
  • Get Blazed
  • Going Down
  • Going Up
  • Hard Dock Life
  • Hauling Gas
  • Paradise Won

The best part is that all these new races will yield double cash and RP during the first week they are made available. Therefore, players should try them out between August 11 and August 17.

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Players should definitely check out these new and exciting races.

2. Cayo Perico Buried Stashes

Buried stashes containing free money will now spawn in Cayo Perico. Here's how players can get them:

  • A metal detector will now randomly spawn on 10 possible locations in the GTA Online overworld. Players can find them next to a corpse with some beach tourist clothes. Remember that this random event is marked on the map with a blue dot if players are in the vicinity.
  • Once players pick up the metal detector, just head to the Kosatka and start a Gather Intel mission.
  • Check the world map in Cayo Perico to see some Buried Stash Areas marked around the island.
  • Go to these locations, use the metal detector and grab the buried stash - you will get $15,000 for each. 2 Buried Stashes spawn per visit.

Overall, this is probably an attempt to boost the revenue from Cayo Perico, as Rockstar nerfed the Heist pretty hard in the previous week. A solo playthrough of The Cayo Perico Heist Finale will trigger a cooldown of 3 in-game days or 2 hours 24 minutes. While the payout is still good, the new cooldown is very noticeable.

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