A pre-alpha version of Lockheart Indigo is now available on Itch.io. It's free-to-claim, and will only bring you several hours of detective fun.

That's quite a short duration for a narrative-driven game, but believe me, it's going to be very enjoyable.

Here's the quick gameplay from the early access version of the game. However, this version is quite out-dated now, and more features might have come in the current version:

The background story of Lockheart Indigo

In Lockheart Indigo, you'll step on the shoes of the private detective. You've received the mission to find a killer in a colossal house and stop him before he finishes his next target. That's the only way to save all of them from the hands of the murderer.

Like many detective movies, the killer lies among the members living in this mansion. Hence, in order to figure out the real identity of the killer, we need clues about the relationship between all those rich folks. However, everyone seems to have their own secret, and they're not willing to reveal them to a total stranger. Even if it's the only way to keep them alive.

Lockheart Indigo Locks You In A Rich Family To Fin
Those rich dudes are not going to open up about their secrets easily

So, your job is to explore this mansion while building a relationship with the members to get the clues from them. To remind you, the killer is active, and he's not going to stop until you find him and stop him.

Gameplay overview

Lockheart Indigo is an adventure game with monotonous colors. Your job is to explore the clues and hints lying in a hundred rooms in this mansion. The clues come from both the environment which you'll have to solves puzzles to obtain and from the people living in this mansion.

Lockheart Indigo Locks You In A Rich Family To Fin
Puzzle-solving is also a part of this game.

There'll be totally ten suspects, and you'll have to grind the most information out of them as possible. However, as I've mentioned earlier, the people living here is far from open to you. Thus, in order to make them unseal their lips, you'll have to keep on persuade them. One's secret might open up another one's dark story, and you can keep doing that to gain more clues.

Lockheart Indigo Locks You In A Rich Family To Fin
That lies in your detective talents to sketch up the whole picture of what's happening!

Nevertheless, the killer has never rested. While you're trying to do your investigation, the killer is also doing its job. More and more members will die if you can't find the true identity of the killer, so you'd better be quick!

Lockheart Indigo is available for free download on Itch.io.