The indie developer ForestLight Games is very excited to reveal their quirkiest adventure - Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women. The game is going to be published by the hands of Ultimate Games.

In order to give players more hype, the developer has released the first trailer of the game. You can see it below to find out how our Viking is going to struggle in the strange land, surviving and exploring:

The story of Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women

Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women takes the settings of the Middle Ages' Eastern Europe world. In the 9th century, there is a tribe of Vikings venture by boats through the inland to find their new settling place. The leader of this expenditure is Ragnald - the wisest and also the greatest warrior of the Vikings.

Exploring with his wife and children, Ragnald leads his companions to search for a promising land with peace, clean water, vegetation and animal abundant. He also has the help of his trusty wolf friends, hoping for the best and peaceful journey.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
The Vikings are on their voyage of pursuing a promising land to settle

However, things suddenly turn sour, as his crew has fallen into an ambush. Specifically, the women in the Kingdom of Women has trapped the Vikings, as they don't want to let men inside their territory. Hence, they've captured all women and children and ruthlessly killed all men - except one - Ragnald.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Every man dies, except for Ragnald

Even though he luckily survived the ambush with the help of Yaga, Ragnald doesn't have much strength left. The last scene he saw after losing consciousness was that his wife - Tove and his children were taken away with other captives. Waking up on the bank of the river, Ragnald can only rely on Yaga now to survive and find his way to his beloved ones.

From having nearly no clues on where are the attackers and the captives, Ragnald starts his adventure in this exotic, wild and dangerous lands. Fortunately, Yaga is very useful as he saves the Viking leader from many deadly scenes, such as wild animals attacks and hunting for foods.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Ragnald and Yaga will have to face a difficult adventure

One man and one wolf will have against the severity of the weather, hostile animals, food insufficient and disease. If that's not terrible enough, you'll also have to encounter the hostile tribes full of women as well. You can already tell that it will not be a normal village, but find out what's really special about it later!

Gameplay features

Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women is a survival adventure game, in which you'll step in the shoes of Ragnald to survive and search for his wife and children. In this low-fi 3D world, you'll have to precisely manage your resources: time, foods, waters and energy to get to the village and rescue your beloved ones.

To be more specific, the game requires you to do many tasks to survive in this hostile area. First of all, the game doesn't have any maps or navigation, so you'll have to use your own way of navigating to discover this exotic world.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Find your own way, and don't get lost

There, you'll have to stay alive first by finding foods, water and build temporary shelters to stay safe over the night. Hunting wild animals might not be a difficult task for a Viking, but you will also have to flee from some dangerous creatures as well, such as bears, poisonous mosquitos and vermins, and the most dangerous ones - people.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Manage your resources carefully to stay alive

Don't worry, since you'll have chances of revenge later. Using your crafting skills, you can create a lot of equipment and weapons to help you get over dangerous places. From crafting a fishing trap to stream fishing, you can create more weapons to deal with the inhabitants.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Craft equipment to help you along your adventure

And don't forget that you have a trusty companion - Yaga on your side as well. You can order the wolf to hunt, investigating and tracking down the danger lurking around.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Can't ask for a better companion

In the end, you'll find the mystery behind the women's village, and it's going to be out of your imagination.

Lost Viking Kingdom Of Women Find Your Wife In The
Find the secret behind the village

Release date and supported platforms

Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women doesn't have an official release date yet. Even the release windows of the game are quite vague, as the developer ForestLight Games is planning to release it in either Q2 or Q3 2020.

At launch, Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women only supports PC. Information about the consoles' version may come at a later date.