The UK-based developer Automation Games recently announced to cancel the development of their 1,000-player AAA PC shooter Mavericks: Proving Grounds. While the game itself is facing the problem of “insufficient funding”, the studio appears to close down soon. 

008 E3 Screenshot
Mavericks is filled with luscious forests, dramatic mountain ranges, and intricate play areas

Previously, Automation Games has finished launching the Alpha stage of Mavericks, which marks a major milestone for the game. Its beta version could be released in November this year unless another developer picks it up. 

Mavericks is powered with SpatialOS

Mavericks embraces an impressive back-end technology which pleased lots of gaming enthusiasts on the first launch last year. Using the cloud-based platform SpatialOS empowers the game to support an astronomical number of players. In the latest updated version, Mavericks is able to provide the accommodation for 1,000 players per map. 

Cloud platform SpatialOS enables the game to shelter 1,000 players per map

Sadly, the game now can not see the light of the day. Its owner Automation Games went bankrupt, lacking the necessary financial resources to sustain the development of the project, or even the operation of the company. As such, their “fantasy game” is condemned to cancel. 

The insolvency of Automation Games

Following the insolvency, Paul Cooper and Paul Appleton were appointed to become joint administrators of Automation Games Limited, starting on 30th July 2019. The company posted on its website that these two men were licensed to act as insolvency practitioners in the UK, managing the affairs, business and its property. 

Automation Games is also the developer of  first-person shooter Deceit

The good news is that the multiplayer first-person shooter Deceit, another product by Automation that has been gaining huge attention will still accessible on Steam. According to Automation’s website, the current agents of the company are in the process of licensing Deceit. That means there won’t be any change in the live operation and provision of the game.