While gaming has grown to be a multi-million dollar industry, many still think that games are just for kids. However, it is a fact that people of all ages can enjoy playing video games, even if you are an 86-year old man. Mr. Yang Binglin is an 86-year-old man from China who loves playing video games. His grandchildren bought him a PS4 for him to play video games and it has become his main hobby.

The Chinese Grandpa Who Has Cleared 300 Video Game

According to South China Morning Post, Mr. Yang Binglin has completed more than 300 games on his PS4 over the last 20 years, including the most popular ones such as Red Dead Redemption, Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077. He keeps his games in multiple boxes. he even has not books where he keeps his strategy notes to beat the games.

The Chinese Grandpa Who Has Cleared 300 Video Game
He has a strategy notebook of his own

Mr. Yang used to work as an engineer and he has always been really into technology. He started out playing puzzle him with his grandchildren and then move on to different genres, especially battle royale games. His favorite genre is horror games. He always tries to finish games by himself without reading the strategy guide.

He usually plays games in the morning after his Ping-Pong session and in the afternoon for a few hours.

"I am not a professional gamer, I am jsut a fan. And I keep on doing what I like."

His gaming hobby was supported by his family. His granddaughter uploads his gaming video on social media in 2018 and got more than 200,000 followers. Mr. Yang says that he will keep on playing video games as long as he can because that is what he loves.

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