As many of you know, GTA Online has included Trevor and Franklin, two of the three protagonists from GTA 5. However, Michael has yet to appear in the online part, and fans are hoping that will soon change.

Gta Online Main Progatonists
GTA Online has included Trevor and Franklin, two of the three protagonists from GTA 5.

Players have started discussing Michael again following the announcement of the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC in GTA Online, which reintroduces Maude, a character from the game's main story.

One fan expressed frustration that nearly every story mode character has returned to GTA Online except Michael. Another fan jokingly suggested that Ned Luke, the actor for Michael, should barge into the mocap room to record new DLC. Ned Luke saw the tweet and responded by saying, "Wouldn't that be nice?"

Could Ned Luke's Response Hint at Michael Joining GTA Online?

Since then, numerous fans have responded enthusiastically, with one interpreting Ned Luke's response as a hint towards future Michael content. Nevertheless, many others have pointed out that such speculation is unlikely. If Ned Luke came back to the series, he'd probably have to sign a serious agreement not to reveal anything before it's officially announced. If he broke that agreement, Rockstar and Take-Two could punish him, so it's unlikely he'd take that risk just to make fans happy.

Gta Online Michael
Is Ned Luke's response a hint towards future Michael content?

It's probably more likely that Luke was just agreeing with the sentiment, as he often interacts with the GTA fan community. He has played the game on livestreams and even appeared in a humorous video as a grumpy Cluckin' Bell employee. It seems Luke would be open to revisiting his role, but if Rockstar does have plans for that, they will likely keep them tightly under wraps. Even in the event of a significant leak from Rockstar, Luke would likely refrain from commenting until officially authorized to do so.

Some fans have proposed that a final mission involving all three main characters would be a fitting conclusion before the launch of GTA 6. This idea has generated significant interest within the community. Yet, whether fans' hopes will be fulfilled remains uncertain at this time.

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