Streamer Phil "Philza" Watson is the record holder for playing Minecraft permadeath run for five years. He has been displaying incredible skills and making correct decisions in the process, and has proven to potentially continue prolonging his journey.

However, his run came to an end by the thing that you’d never expect – a baby zombie.

You can watch the full footage here:

The incident happened due to both bad luck and his poor decision-making.

Philza was full of himself rushing to attack the baby zombie, not noticing that his position was extremely vulnerable. He reacted quickly, hitting the zombies with his fire sword, which set the zombies aflame. The move backfired, and the zombie started to burn down his health bar.

Aflamed zombie deals a lot of damage to Philza's character

Stroke by panic, he immediately ran away and tried to eat a golden apple to heal up, but finally died from the spider hit from behind.

Suddenly comes a spider

It's also unfortunate for him because the baby zombie somehow spawned with the enchanted gold armor, which made him very tanky. The zombie became even more powerful when Philza spread the fire on him with his Fire Sword, and the streamer didn’t wear anything to protect him from the element.

The streamer showed his utter frustration when he realized his arrogant decisions, but it can’t help anything. His 5-year efforts finally end in the most saddening way.

When you realize your 5-year record ended after one wrong decision

Minecraft Hardcore mode was a kind of traditional survival mode, which means the entire world will be deleted as soon as you died. There is no second chance, no respawn, no nothing! You have to build an entirely new world from the beginning.

What a painful end!

The failure made him down for days, but he said that he would take his time to relax, and would start again from scratch soon.

Hopefully, after all of this, Philza and many other Minecraft players learn an invaluable lesson: Never-set-baby-zombies-on-fire.

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