If you want to improve your online GTA bank account, the best missions in GTA 5 Online will help you on your way. Having lots of cash is very important in GTA Online since you will need it to buy everything from vehicles and weapons to properties so that you can expand your criminal empire to new territories.

There are a number of methods to quickly make money in GTA Online, including car theft on-demand and executing daring heists, but this guide will focus on completing the most well-paid missions.

This becomes more profitable as you level up and the highest paying GTA Online missions become available. Be sure to keep an eye out for Rockstar Newswire announcements to see which missions are currently awarding double cash rewards.

missions in gta 5 online

Be sure to immediately deposit any money you earn into the bank, as other players may be looking for an easy payday by killing you. You can do the same and search for players who have just completed a mission but be prepared to become a target if you continue to cause trouble for other players.

If you're looking for an honest life, check out these suggested missions that pay a pretty penny, some of which can be played over and over again, and you'll be racking up virtual dollars in no time. We'll also leave you with how to access the two secret missions in GTA 5 Online at the end:

Best Missions in GTA 5 Online for Money Making (+ Secret Missions)

Trash Talk

You, and a team of up to six, are ordered to destroy four garbage trucks that are owned by a rival gang. Each is protected by several heavily armed NPCs, and once destroyed you'll have to hunt down the other gang members and their crew boss.

After unlocking at Level 81, it's one of the most profitable and efficient money paying missions in GTA Online. You can get $15,000 or more in four minutes if you have a talented enough team.

Pier Pressure

It's always fun to spend a day at the pier. Pier Pressure, which unlocks at rank 6, requires a meeting under the pier in Del Perro, where you take out everyone involved, and return a meth pack to the person who assigned you the mission.

missions in gta 5 online

It is an easy mission to tackle for any number of players (up to 4) and can earn you $15,000. In any case, it is a good change of pace in the sprawling Los Santos city.

Rooftop Rumble

If you're looking for a solo challenge then Rooftop Rumble, which unlocks at Level 75, could be your flavor. It is a difficult mission that can generate more than $20,000 if you take the time to complete it, and simply spending more time in the mission generally gives you more money.

missions in gta 5 online

All you have to do is blow up a meeting between the FIB and The Professionals, steal the documents they were exchanging, and deliver them to the person who assigned you the mission.

Blow Up

Unlocking at Level 12, Blow Up is another early mission that can fetch tens of thousands of dollars just by completing it on your own. All you have to do is destroy a bunch of vehicles at a dealership, lose the police, and then go back to the mission-assigning dealership.

missions in gta 5 online

A smart way to tackle the mission is to bring all the vehicles closer together before using explosives, as this will make it easier to blow them up and lessen the likelihood of cops showing up.

Secret Missions in GTA 5 Online

Rockstar Games opened the casino doors on July 23rd, 2019, and since then GTA online players have been gambling on all kinds of games of chance, including horse racing, roulette, and a handful of card games.

However, not all players know that the casino hides secret missions that are hidden, for which you have to search carefully. To be exact, there are a total of 2 of these secret missions. There's a lot to do in the casino, though some of the to-dos are hidden.

On August 15, the YouTuber Ice InfluX showed how to access the mission 'Damage Control'. To access it, all we have to do is drink one shot after another of Macbeth Whiskey. When you have taken enough, the character will be unconscious, you will wake up in the middle of a gas station.

To unlock 'Under the Influence', you will also have to drink, although this time you will not have to be unconscious. Once the character is drunk enough, get out your phone and ask Mrs. Baker for a job. It does not always work, although you will know that you have succeeded when she asks you to pick up a vehicle. We leave you with the Influx tutorial.

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