GTA 5 is back in fashion (or rather, never was) after having been one of the free games on the Epic Games Store. Whether or not you are a new or old player, let's remind ourselves of the most difficult achievements you can achieve in GTA 5 Online, that only the best players can even attempt. Would you?

The enormous success of GTA 5 (the second best-selling game in history, with more than 130 million units) is largely thanks to its multiplayer. GTA 5 Online is a game in itself, which has not stopped growing since its launch for new generation consoles, incorporating new modes and heists.

One of the most spectacular updates, due to its duration and the number of new weapons and vehicles that it added to GTA Online, is The Doomsday Heist, a very difficult 3-act story, in which you better have a lot of skill and rapport with your companions.

Precisely, to receive the achievements to which we refer, you must have completed the heist three different times, with teams of 4, 3 and 2 players (only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

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The achievements are called Criminal Mastermind II, III, and IV. It is not enough to just complete the hit, you must have done it on Hard difficulty and without losing any life, which makes it without a doubt the most difficult achievement in GTA 5 that is only within the reach of the best players.

The Doomsday Heist Finale is the most complicated mission (rather, a mini-campaign) of all those introduced in GTA Online to date. You'll have to infiltrate a government facility with crappy protection, steal various military vehicles, including a jet pack, and finally prevent a nuclear apocalypse from falling on San Andreas.

In order to complete all missions and achieve the most difficult GTA 5 achievement in the game, it is practically essential that you know all your companions, have plenty of experience with them, and a good communication channel. All three acts must be completed in order, including the preliminary missions of the coup.

Do not spare any expense and get a good portion of snacks to recover life, bulletproof vests and powerful weapons such as the minigun, rocket launchers, and Mk II weapons with armor-piercing ammunition since you will have to deal with numerous vehicles and juggernauts (agents with super armor) invulnerable to all firearms except explosives.

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Overcoming all these challenges will give you nice rewards. The first act, Data Breaches, will award you $812,500. The second, The Bogdan Problem, $ 1,187,500. And the third, Doomsday Heist Finale scenario, $1,500,000 (in hard mode, of course).

On the other hand, the achievement Criminal Mastermind II will give you $750,000; Criminal Mastermind III will give you $ 1,750,000, and Criminal Mastermind IV will give you $3,750,000 (one-time reward per person).

Such an amount of money is sure to get you salivating, but remember that this heist is probably the most complicated in GTA Online. Actually, as its name suggests, it is the culmination of your entire GTA 5 robbery career, that as if it were a Hollywood movie where you go from robbing casinos to preventing a nuclear apocalypse.

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