Basically speaking, in all combat games, your mission is to keep your health bar above zero while bringing the enemies’ health bar to zero. And all experienced players will agree with you that keeping your health bar above zero is much more important, if not to say the most important thing. And Apex Legends is not an exception. Players should always pay attention to their health bars and the defensive equipment they are having.

Health bar and indication of your resources in Apex Legends

You can't win if you can't stay alive in Apex Legends. Although the game does have a pretty cool respawning mechanic, it’s much better to stay alive at all cost. We all know this is never an easy job, Apex Legends still offers ways for players to stay alive and enjoy the game.

Since Respawn Entertainment – the developer of Apex Legends – didn’t include any type of natural regenerating mechanics like the cool energy shields from Halo or auto heal up for each character like MOBA, players cant shoot or combat forever. They have to take time to loot in order to maximize their health supplies.

The bad news is that while using these supplies, your movement speed is decreased dramatically. This means you have to find a cover place to heal safely. Healing while there are enemies in the range is really dangerous with slow movement speed.

Fortunately, PonyOfMacaroni – a Reddit user who play Apex Legends has found out a trick that will increases your speed while healing on his Reddit post. When you are running in your matches, you can slide and carry forward with the momentum generated by your run. In order to perform the technique, you have to create the speed by running and quickly turning into a slide. During the slide, you can begin your healing process and then jump up every time you touch the ground.

precisely performing this technique, the bunny-hop will allow you to keep the momentum from your slide while continue healing. This increases move speed a lot during the healing process. In life and death deciding moments, this technique will gain you a big advantage, and maybe the victory? We recommend practicing the technique to improve your result in Apex Legends.