E3 2019 is coming in just more than a week, and we are now seeing confirmations about game lists of game makers that will attend the event before it started. Recently, Natsume has announced their two brand-new games are in development. Along with the indie title, Cosmic Defenders which was confirmed to be published by the studio, and Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure which was announced, Natsume revealed that another title is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch named Harvest Moon: Mad Dash.

E3 2019 is coming!

Actually, information about the new Reel Fishing and Harvest Moon is hardly revealed. In term of Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, Natsume announced that the title will tell a story of three friends following a mysterious fish mentioned by a strange aged man. That description feels somewhat creepy on paper. In fact, players have not seen another title coming out after Reel Fishing: Master’s Challenge on PS Vita, so Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure is expected to live up with the name of the long-running fishing franchise.

Reel Fishing
A Following Title of Real Fishing Is In Development

Speaking of Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, nothing but the confirmation by Natsume that the game will be a spin-off of the well-known farm simulation franchise is revealed. More detail will be revealed on Tuesday, June 11, according to Natsume, so that the game is likely to be in the Nintendo’s E3 2019 Presentation, though that's entirely a theory. Hiro Maekawa - Natsume President - is having confidence about the upcoming Harvest Moon title: “fans might be surprised at what we have in store for Harvest Moon this year. This different take on the Harvest Moon experience will let players enjoy the classic features of the series in a new and exciting way!”

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is announced!

There is no release date for Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, Cosmic Defenders and Harvest Moon: Mad Dash. But stay tuned, we will keep you updated as more information revealed!