It is undeniable that Tyler is one of the best Fortnite players out there, however, it is no doubt that neither Tyler or anyone other players out there can face an opponent that they cannot see.

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Our famous streamer

It was during a duo match with a friend streamer Malach “Reverse2k” Greiner, Ninja was forced into a situation that he had to back up in a corner. Suddenly, he was knocked out by a shot by a rifle in a close quarter that seemingly came out from nowhere.

After that, the player appeared and then finished Ninja off with a trap. The whole thing happened so quickly that not only Ninja and his teammate but also his viewers were caught in surprise and left in confusion.

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The in-game character of the streamer

This kind of reminds us of what happened to Fortnite’s temporary disabled consumable-item known as Shadow Stones, which gives players the ability to turn invisible while stay still, fall damage immunity and a boost in jump height and movement speed. Sounds familiar? It was first thought by Ninja that the previous bug from Shadow Stone has come back in his match.

However, if you have watch Ninja’s gameplay from a different point of view and slow down the speed of the video, it can be seen that the ‘invisible player’ was not in fact ‘invisible’, the player simply snuck up and shot Ninja from behind in a swift way that he and the other did not comprehend what had happened.


Due to the particular timing, viewers are left with the impression that the player who knocked out Ninja might have cheated or exploited some bug in the game. However, this has later been confirmed to be false since the match was in the Arena mode. It is such a relief to figure that the reasons behind Ninja and Reverse2k lost was by chance but not due to an unbiased advantage.