Octopath Traveler 2 is a fantastic game that builds upon the first version's flaws, though doesn't resolve all of them. The game is outstanding in the Graphics, Music, and Gameplay departments. You'll not find many better JRPGs in these categories.

Where it continues to find fault is in the multiple-character story arcs. Unfortunately having 8 characters that do not mesh together apart from weak unvoiced and overall lackluster cutscenes that are completely avoidable. They never feel involved in other characters' stories and it's considerably jarring. That said, the overall experience is well worth it and should be considered a staple in any JRPG lover's library.

Octopath Traveler II

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a 100% Achievement Guide for Octopath Traveler II.

Plot-Driven Achievements (Unmissable)

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Plot-Driven Achievements (Unmissable)
  • Eir's Apothecaries: Completed Castti's story.
  • Protector of the Island: Completed Ochette's story.
  • A Peaceful Little Forest: Completed Castti and Ochette's Crossed Path.
  • Agnea the Star: Completed Agnea's story.
  • Clear Skies: Completed Hikari's story.
  • By the Light of the Heart: Completed Agnea and Hikari's Crossed Path.
  • An Answer, a Journey: Completed Osvald's story.
  • The Road to Prosperity: Completed Partitio's story.
  • Mysteries of the Night Sky: Completed Osvald and Partitio's Crossed Path.
  • The Collar Removed: Completed Throne's story.
  • The Truth Lies in the Flame: Completed Temenos's story.
  • The Detective and His Assistant: Completed Temenos and Throne's Crossed Path.
  • The Journey Begins: Embarked on a journey. This achievement is obtained as soon as you finish any starting chapter.
  • Dawn Breaks: Returned dawn to the world.
  • Gate to the Netherworld: Defeated the netherworldly threat.
  • Octopath Traveler: Approached the end of your journey.

Missable Achievements

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Missable Achievements

Octopath Traveler...?: Brought along four townspeople at once.

To get this achievement, you need to have all 4 Travelers that have a recruitment path action (Partitio - Hire, Ochette - Befriend, Temenos - Guide, and Agnea - Allure) and then recruit 4 townspeople so you have an 8-person goon squad half-consisting of NPCs.

100 Out Cold: Soothed or knocked 100 townspeople unconscious.

Informed Adventurer: Gleaned information from 100 townspeople.

Whenever you use any of the information-gathering path actions, it will count towards this achievement as long as something pops up at the bottom of the information box. Sometimes it's a Key Item required for progression, Flavor Text, a Hidden Item, or even a buff for that area.

Some buffs include:

  • Higher Guide success rate
  • Shop/Inn Discounts
  • Weaker NPC battles (Mug, Provoke, etc)

There's more than enough info to go around so don't stress too much about this one.

First Break: Broke an enemy for the first time in battle.

This will probably be one of the first achievements you get. To break an enemy, simply take down their armor points (the number inside the blue shield icon) by hitting them with their attack-type vulnerabilities.

Max Boost: Acted at maximum boost for the first time.

You need 3 points of BP to act at maximum boost (3 boost levels).

A New Skill: Learned a skill for the first time.

Self-explanatory. You earn JP to learn skills by completing battles. Some skills, such as Partitio's Arrow of Fortune, help you gain JP faster.

Setting Sail: Rode the ferry to a new land.

Go to any anchorage point to pay the ferry toll and move to another region.

Record Collector: Obtained all records.

Complete Partitio's quest The Scent of Commerce: Winterbloom Route to unlock Records. You will then be able to buy Records to complete the collection. The first 3 are records unlocked automatically.

A Story All Your Own: Unlocked all trophies.

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