The game “Ode to a Moon” is coming soon for PC. The creators of this game - Colorfiction - are also the ones who created the famous 0°N 0°W which brings us a glitchy adventure full of moodiness.

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However, they are trying to do something different this time. Instead of offering players with ambient visual experience with low impact, they change it into a much scarier game. The game leads you through a first-person horror tale where you have to try your best to survive while visiting a town located in New England. The mystery part of this small town is that all the resident has become completely insane.

In this game, you will become a tabloid photojournalist. Your job is to travel to a small town which is supposed to be idyllic to do an article about the harvest festival of this place. However, when you get there, you immediately notice that everything is not the way it’s supposed to be.

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A scene in Ode to a Moon

In the trailer of the game, you can spot some detail of 0°N 0°W DNA: textures start behaving unexpectedly, walls of buildings ripple, that’s not all, the world is also on the verge of falling apart at the seams.

You can see it for yourself in the trailer below. However, keep it in mind that there will be some camera shakes, which are effectively upsetting. Those shakes may make some of you feel a bit nauseous.

Colorfiction 's Ode to a Moon - Announcement

With all the madness, the harvest festivals and the fact that the game takes place in New England, it makes Ode to a Moon sounds very much Lovecraftian. The game’s developers claim that it will not rely on gore or jump scares to build up a horrifying scene which you will experience. However, the real horror of the game if the slow pace of the reality unraveling process. Furthermore, it’s hard to tell what you’re seeing is real or not that will make you doubt yourself and make the game even scarier.

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The game successfully created a sense of dread while playing

The official release date of the game hasn’t been released yet. Still, 0°N 0°W has introduced a few months ago. Therefore, it may take a while before we can actually try it out.